“Stay the Hell Where You Came From” – Larry Miller Speaks Like A Real Person On Niqab Issue – Usual Suspects Get The Vapors!

Oh the Horror! MP Larry Miller said what the I suspect the majority of Canadians would like to say about the Niqab wearing Muslim trying to force Sharia law on our citizenship ceremony:

“Frankly, if you’re not willing to show your face in a ceremony that you’re joining the best country in the world, then frankly, if you don’t like that or don’t want to do that, stay the hell where you came from, and I think most Canadians feel the same.”

The CBC, The NDP and of the Liberals are shocked and appalled at Miller’s remarks. Remarks he has kinda sorta apologized for. 

What I suspect genuinely shocked the Libs and NDP is that the vast majority of Canadians in no way shape or form agree with them on the Niqab.

From the same CBC article…

Miller’s remarks also raised the ire of at least one of his constituents, according to local media.

Shortly after the program aired, Bayshore Broadcasting journalist Kevin Bernard reported that Miller called the police after “a man in camouflage and wrapped in a foreign flag came into his office, saying he was Muslim,” and expressing concern over the MP’s comments.

“Miller says the man” — who, according to the story, was “Caucasian and… did not seem to have an accent” — “was upset about what the MP said on the CFOS Open Line show on Monday and the incident scared his staff,” Bernard noted.

The man was “quite irate,” according to Bernard, “and Miller says he won’t put up with this from anyone.”

Police located the man later that night, the news outlet revealed.
“The man — who indicated that he had the Palestinian flag with him at the time of the incident — apologized for causing such alarm that police would have to be contacted,” Bernard reported.
“There was no criminal offence committed…

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