‘Semi-feral’ cathedral cat suspected of attacking dogs in English city

Whether he’s padding through the magnificent nave, warming himself next to a cosy radiator or curling up in his favourite basket in the gift shop, Louis the cat has become a beloved feature of Wells cathedral.

But Louis has found himself in a bit of bother after a ginger tom answering his description was accused of a series of rather nasty attacks on dogs in the peaceful Somerset city.

The owner of one alleged canine victim, Mandie Stone-Outten, said her springer spaniel Millie was targeted in Market Place close to the cathedral. “This dangerous, semi-feral cat pounced like a wild lion in the jungle on to my dog Millie’s head,” she said…

  • The dog was clearly possessed by satan. The cat was only protecting the faithful.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      _ _ _

    • felis gracilis

      We need a lot more Louis cats to protect the faithful and do the job our governments have abdicated.

      • winniec

        If they could train them to attack the paedophile gangs!

    • winniec


  • That’s what I need. A cuddly but thoroughly vicious attack-cat.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I had one of those until she got too old and arthritic to hunt.
      Now she just runs up vet bills, but back in her day, ‘Buster kitty’ was some kind of fearless terminator kitty.

      • Hi Buster!

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          She’s on my lap now, purring up a storm. 🙂

      • She is beautiful. How old is she?

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          She will be 18 this year (or might already be).
          Buster actively hunted until she was 12 or 13.
          She loved rats most of all, but she brought home seagulls and some rather large birds too.

          For the first ten-years we were here, she would take off once a year or so, for about a week or two (we called them ‘Buster vacations’ after the first few) and we would not hear or see any trace of her, and then one day she would show back up at the house and be dirty, meowing, and hungry.

          We, to this day, never figured out where she would go, or why she would just take off like that.
          She was fixed, so maybe she just needed adventure.
          Yes, it was the same cat because she has a ‘broken meow’ and no other cat sounds like her.

          • A rich and full kitty life. Cent’anni!

          • Miss Trixie

            *squeezy Buster hugs*

            Good girl. *purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            She’s a pretty sweet cat, but only to me but does a lot of things I have never known another cat to do.
            Such as:
            She doesn’t like women and will bite any that are talking to me, but only after luring them close enough by acting sweet.
            She doesn’t like me to be on the telephone. If I have time enough to talk, I have time to pet her and scratch her head and cheeks.
            She will only drink water out of my bathroom tap.
            Once a month she will take a shower with me. I found this out two years ago when she started getting into the shower with me. Eventually she let me start shampooing her in there. That saves a bunch of time.
            She will sit still for me to trim her nails, and also likes to get “rolled” with a lent roller to remover her shedding hair. She really likes the lent roller.
            If she can’t sleep ON me, she will settle for sleeping on my electronics. My Kindle and iPad are her faves, but she will settle for my laptop in a pinch, but only if it’s open.
            If I’m away from the house overnight or longer, she will get on every counter and table top and throw everything onto the floor, but will never do that when I’m at home.
            She can recognize my voice over the telephone and meows like crazy when she hears me talk to her. My sister figured that one out.

      • Miss Trixie

        Hello baby! She’s loverly and looks very content. 🙂

        Check this:


    • You can call him Mr. Hemmingsworth and stroke his fluffy white fur before he strikes.

  • just a thought

    Jihadi cat, member of IHISS. No dog is safe!

  • March 17th is also the feast day of Saint Gertrude of Nivelles, the patron saint of cats, even ones who prowl around churches attacking dogs.

    Carry on.

    • Miss Trixie

      *snort* 😀

  • Jay Currie

    The canineophobia is reaching new level. Violence against dogs is never right, never a solution. If attacked, even by some cat with religious motives the Dogs of the world will fight back. I have already deployed “Fur Dome” no mingey cat claw will come anywhere near my skin. And then – massive Barking and, potentially, really serious tail wagging. Felines scatter.

    Cmdr. Stoffal
    Lying on Guard for Thee