Passenger who yelled ‘Jihad! Jihad!’ is subdued by fellow fliers on Washington to Denver United Airlines flight

This is the dramatic moment passengers on board a United Airlines flight tackled a young man to the ground after he shouted ‘Jihad, Jihad’ and threatened to hijack the aircraft.

Flight 1074 to Denver, Colorado had to return to its departure airport in Dulles, Washington last night following a ‘disturbance on board’ and was met by law enforcement officials at the gate.

Shocking video later emerged online showing a young man with a bloodied face being pinned to the floor of the Boeing 737 by several passengers while frantically apologising and shouting in apparent fear as a police officer identifies himself and says he will be removed from the plane.

This sounds like mental illness.

  • Hard Little Machine

    They should have boot stomped him to death on general principles.

  • David Murrell

    “This sounds like mental illness”.

    Yes but how does one distinguish between mental illness and Islamic jihadism?

    • I am inclined to agree, we’ll have to see how this shakes out however.

    • Mental illness?

      That’s the genius of Islam. Islam harnesses the destructive powers of its social misfits.

      This clown is just another Muslim mental fruitcake. And he knows he can be as bad as he wants to be as long as he is doing it for Allah.

  • Exile1981

    If it was a joke he will have a long time on the ground to regret it; if he is a jihadi then they will treat him with kid gloves.

  • barryjr

    Mental illness is the catch all phrase today for people misbehaving. I can understand it if somebody obviously has Downs but the rest of these illnesses can be controlled with meds. Not to disparage somebody with Downs but even they know the difference between right and wrong.