Move to deport Muslim terrorist Jahanzeb Malik is ‘absurd,’ lawyer says

I think it’s fitting, being sent back to Pakistan is punishment enough.

  • Reader

    I heard on the news he got in under a “Student Visa”. I haven’t heard what he was supposed to be studying?

    I wonder how many wannabe jihadists might have gotten in as “students”.

    When I used to know an immigration lawyer he admitted this was the easiest way to get into and stay in Canada because the standards were the lowest and there was little to no verification that these people left as are the terms of the visa after it expired. Also Canada had no “exit” records (at least back then) to see who left Canada and what countries they were claiming to go to (unlike most Western countries).

    • David Murrell

      He was studying, at university, courses like Hating Kuffars 101. He was majoring in Islamic Terrorism. It’s offered at most universities these days.

    • Our immigration policy is a bad joke.

    • Exile1981

      Electrical engineering

  • Ron MacDonald

    Send him to the US, they have a special cell waiting for him at Florence, Colorado.

  • David Murrell

    The CBC/Canada Press article cites the learned Lorne Waldman, who opposes deporting accused terrorists. As an aside, note that Mr. Waldman has donated $849 to the federal New Democratic Party, including $500 to the Thomas Mulcair nomination campaign.

  • Gary

    Someone tell his Lawyer that it is NOT a Human Right to be a muslim terrorist or suicide bomber.

  • Jail him. When he has served his time, deport him.

    • barryjr

      Screw that think of all the tax dollars we would waste that way. Have the trial, and if found guilty shoot him then toss him in a landfill.

    • Bataviawillem

      To expensive, kick him out.