Millionaire Gaming Prodigies: Welcome to eSPORTS

Million Dollar Prizes??? I used to be pretty good at Call of Duty…Hmmm

Today, there are more people in the world who play the online multiplayer battle game League of Legends than there are people who live in France. We wanted to see how humanity got to this point, so VICE host Matt Shea flew to South Korea, a country where competitive gaming—also known as eSports—can either make you rich and famous or land you in rehab.

In Part One, we touch down in Seoul, where the city’s gaming cafés, stadiums, and arenas are buzzing with anticipation for the biggest eSports match ever held in Korea. At the League of Legends world semifinals, Matt falls in love with famous cosplay team the Spiral Cats, but he’s crestfallen when they ditch him for an American eSports superstar.

Part 2 is here.

  • Brett_McS

    I bought a gaming keyboard because I like the clicky keys and it leaves more room for my mouse. Now where’s my million dollars?

  • Editor

    It’s not only gamers. My Son told me about a number of guys who make six-figure salaries as play-by-play commentators at live gaming tournaments. It’s not a $80 billion/year industry for nothing.