Jailed: London law student who advertised for jihadi husband and wrote to Abu Hamza

A London law student who wrote to jailed terrorists, including Abu Hamza, and advertised for a jihad-loving husband has been jailed for 18 months.

Afsana Kayum, 22, kept every issue of al Qaeda’s propaganda magazine on top of her parents’ wardrobe.

She stored 10 parts of “Inspire” on a USB stick along with several YouTube videos supporting Islamic extremism.

The University of East London student hoped to find a husband through a Muslim website called the Bayyina Foundation and filled out an “Islamic Marriage Form” found on the USB stick.

A law student huh? Well that certainly fits the “victimhood” narrative.


  • chayisun

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  • tom_billesley

    It’s a mistranslation. The jihadi matrimonial agency “Bayy-i-na Foundation” should be “In-a-bag Foundation”.

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  • cmh

    she looks like a turd with eyes….

  • k1962

    If she wants to attract a husband, she had better throw on a burka.

  • Tanya

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    Let them go as only a goat and camel loving jihadist could ever want this!
    Sorry the goat and camel come first.