How ‘Gary’ Lost Its Glitter: Kathy’s NEW Taki’s column

Gary Glitter

It would be foolish to blame the Great Gary Gap entirely on the ignominous fall of Mr. Glitter. Garys have been trending downward for some time. Not surprisingly, not a single one of the vaguely amusing “think pieces” sparked by Gary-quiddick dared to mention the camel in the room:

That as of late last year, the number one name for boys in the UK is “Mohammed.”

  • ntt1

    South East Asia is full of gary glitters retired old western pederasts living the comparatively high life on their pensions ,you see them virtually every where in Thailand and Viet Nam.There is certainly no Gary gap in those countries.

  • Frau Katze

    “Gary” peaked in the 1950’s according to

    Almost none before 1920.

    I picked names for both my kids that turned out to be ahead of the pack. They have both risen in popularity since they were born in 1976 and 1978.