Gates of Vienna: The Dawn Chorus in Nyköping

The Swedish town of Nyköping, south of Stockholm, has been in the news a lot recently with bomb threats, fatal bombings, arrests for planting bombs, and other forms of cultural enrichment.

Now a native Swede (“Old Swede”?) has been acquitted for remarking on the asininity (in the original sense of the word) of the dawn adhan in Nyköping. Didn’t the judge know that his cultural insensitivity would be sure to enrage the town’s New Swedes, and possibly incite them to avenge the insult against the honor of their prophet?

The following text is based on a machine translation from Fria Tider that was posted earlier at Vlad Tepes:

A 38-year-old man was acquitted yesterday at Nyköping District Court after being charged with hate speech for having compared a crowd of Muslim fundamentalists who chanted “Allahu akbar” to a donkey with stomach pain.

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  • bob e

    utterly, utterly incredible ..

  • Alain

    The same strategy is being used throughout the West: ignore their own citizens and import en masse hostile invaders and charge any citizen who objects to being subjected and colonised by same invaders with hate speech. At least in this one incident the judge demonstrated judgement.

  • Frau Katze

    They sound most unattractive. If this were their only problem, I’d be OK. But of course it’s not.

  • Maggat

    “to a donkey with stomach pain”. A very apt discription of that foul early AM shrieking, a hell of a way to start the day.

    • Alain

      Having owned donkeys I can assure everyone that they sound much better.

      • mobuyus

        All islamists are lower than a donkey on the grass.

  • BG

    The fact that he was even charged is bloody outrageous.

  • eMan14

    What? We are not allowed to give our opinion?