Barbara Kay: The remarkable Ryan Bellerose, a Zionist aboriginal

On Sunday night, Montreal’s Hillel Concordia abruptly cancelled a Monday talk by political activist Ryan Bellerose, founder of Calgary United with Israel (CUWI).

It would have been a pro-Israel talk, which nowadays, Jews being so passionately divided on Israel, made certain Hillel constituents volubly unhappy. A pretext for disinviting him was found in what were deemed unacceptably crude satirical tweets posted by Bellerose about Hamas terrorists, unremarkable in their context, on an #AskHamas thread. Conceived to market Hamas propaganda, the thread ended up being buried in an avalanche of vicious and often hilarious anti-Hamas ridicule (e.g., “#AskHamas. Dying to know how to kill Jews, gays, women, kids…?” by Anne Bayefsky).

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This is madness, I can’t fathom this sort of sort of stupidity.


  • While it’s noble to support Israel, I don’t know if the comparisons between the Israelis and the Metis are quite accurate.

    • Waffle

      Just a guess, but I think the commonality that Bellerose finds relevant is the fact of dual existence: the aboriginal-European mix in the Metis and the
      Jews, who have lived a much longer time with a similar kind of split identity. We have lived in the diaspora for so long, it is natural to think of ourselves as natives of that country. Of course, it is or should be easier in a pluralistic society where everybody comes from somewhere else (except the indigenous aboriginals), but we weren’t Germans, even though we lived there since approx. 1000, and we weren’t Spanish even though we probably came with the Romans who went to the Iberian peninsula to exploit its mineral wealth.

  • karmel

    Stupid that Hillel canceled his talk. That wouldn’t have happened at ubc where the Hillel is very pro-Israel.