US: Amnesty and our Future

California: Hispanic men gather at street corners looking for day labor

…The communists’ big moment came in 1995 when no one was looking. That was the year that the Democratic Socialists of America, a communist group, put one of their own — John Sweeney — in as head of the AFL-CIO. Overnight, the AFL-CIO, an organization that was once ferociously anti-communist and that opposed amnesty because it would hurt working Americans, turned into a pro-communist, pro-amnesty group.

More than that, through the AFL-CIO, communists suddenly owned Congress. After all, unions (headed by the SEIU, which outspends the next two donor organizations which are also Leftist) are the largest contributors to Democrat politicians…

…Over the past 20 years, the unions’ biggest push has been for amnesty, something that, as I noted, the old unions viewed with revulsion as a job destroyer. The new guard, however, understands that amnesty is the pathway to a permanent Democrat majority. Keep in mind the fact that Mitt lost the presidency by only 2.5 million votes, while amnesty promises 8 million or more permanent Democrat votes. (And yes, while Hispanic family values ought to make them side with conservatives, the fact is that they overwhelmingly vote for the same Democrats that slice and dice them by race and create financial incentives that keep them locked in the ghetto.)

Sadly, when it comes to amnesty, the communists and Democrats don’t act alone. They get way too much help from the Chamber of Commerce, which owns Boehner and Co…

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Legal or not, they will still work off the books to collect their pay whole without having to report it to the IRS and use aliases to obtain multiple Social Security numbers through which they can draw unemployment and disability benefits and collect welfare.

  • G

    Day Labor? No problem!

    I’ll pay you $200 to walk south until you cross the mexican border. Don’t worry I’ll mail you the money just stay there & wait.

  • barryjr

    Canada has whiny TFWs stealing jobs the US has illegal aliens stealing jobs.

  • Frau Katze

    Interesting about when the unions flipped. I wasn’t aware of that.

  • BillyHW

    I stopped reading at “Hispanic family values”.

  • Freedom

    The Mafia controls the
    Unions and the Democrats and is intimidating a lot of the Republicans. America
    needs a strong honest leader for a start; and it needs to start protecting the
    liberty of honest American Citizens or this will end up like Venezuela