The Left, making the lives of poor people worse

An interesting ‘chicken and egg’ type question to ask when it comes to craphole Labour areas in the UK, is do people in these areas vote Labour because they live in a rubbish area or has the area become rubbish because they vote Labour? I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that voting Labour is the best way to impoverish and in some cases utterly destroy an area.

I look at those areas that are run by the Labour party in Britain and at how they are full of broken families, those who are welfare dependent, appalling schools, with minorities, amongst others, living in abject poverty and which are cesspits of crime, and it seems to me that those who back Labour on the grounds that they will help the poor are mistaken.

Socialists create poverty and despair wherever they try to put their theories into practise, and don’t do much to give succour to those at the bottom, in fact they often, especially Leftist educationalists, create more people at the bottom. In other words, the Left hurts, and sometimes even helps to destroy, the very people that it says it wants to help.

This phenomenon of socialism as an angel of death in the guise of good Samaritan is not confined to the United Kingdom. In the United States socialist policies, whether Federal, State or City, put in place by the Left in the form of the Democratic Party, have made the lives of any Americans, most notably Black Americans, worse than they may have been under regimes that respected and encouraged personal and economic freedom…