Stephen Hume says Canada is “anti-woman”: Is he right?

Vancouver Sun columnist Stephen Hume says Canada has “an anti-woman culture.” Ezra Levant says the statistics just don’t support that — and corrects Hume’s bad math while he’s at it.

Hume’s hard evidence also includes an offensive poster… made 25 years ago!

  • Alain

    Rather difficult to claim Canada is anti-women when women have more rights than men. I recall more than a few times ads for public service positions where only women were invited to apply but never once saw an ad reserved for men. The only anti-women element in Canada is imported and its members all belong to the same cult. That however is ignored by the femi-nazis including their beta male members.

  • barryjr

    Stephen Hume has trouble with truth and facts. Years ago I was a member of the BC Fisheries Survival Coalition. Mr Hume and the Vancouver Sun decided that we were racist and Mr Hume wrote an article smearing the group, The next day after a meeting with the Sun’s lawyers and the coalition lawyers Mr Hume wrote a full retraction that the Sun put on page 1. Anything this man writes I tend to ignore as so much blarney.

    • Maggat

      “blarney” is spelled bs.