SHIA v SUNNI … should we care who wins?

Well yes, because, as predicted here last year, Iranian militia will sweep across Iraq like a tsunami toward Jordan and Israel in the absence of a US presence and no other nation will dare intervene, except to drop a few bombs on dodgy, unidentified targets killing more civilians.

Obama has now decided keeping a presence in Afghanistan might be advisable. Ooooh, good thinking Barry!

Iranian backed Iraqi Shia forces are now trying to “out-atrocity” the Sunnis in beheadings, rapes and mass slaughter, while good ‘ol Barry tries to thrash out a nuclear deal in Teheran so Iran can eventually have the bomb.

Bloody hell, Shakespeare couldn’t come up with a script like this one.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Take a huge thermonuclear shit on all of them.

  • Dana Garcia

    Neither is anywhere close to civilized, so who cares?

    Hopefully their belligerent activities will thin the herd on both sides to the maximum.

  • ntt1

    the problem is islam all the various flavours are still the same toxic crap. Obama and his wing man the hopelessly confused John Kerry are blundering all of us into a thermonuclear war with their silly games , the Iranians can’t believe their luck in being able to out maneuver a pair of such complete incompetents, reinforced no doubt by first hand reporting on internal policy in Washington by the numerous muslim staff at the white house . We will be lucky if this mess doesn’t explode before Obama is retired to his ill gotten millionaires lifestyle..

    • Alain

      I’ll believe Obama gone only when he really is gone.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Sunnis will never accept Shiite hegemony and are even prepared to form an alliance of convenience with Israel.

  • The Iranians/Shias will make a little jihad among the Sunis for a little bit. The Saudis will bankroll the Suni jihad forces. The two of them will kill a lot of each other.

    They will continue the killing process until the Sunis win control. The Shias will take a hudna and decide to take a break.

    The only thing the non-Muslim world can do is stop Iran from getting a nuke. (Obama isn’t going to help on this issue.) If Iran gets a nuke, expect the Suni/Saudis to do the same.

    If the Saudis and the Iranians have a nuke – expect a few to get used.

    Without Islamic reformation, the Islamic whirlwind of death will spin out of control. The mess will be quite ugly.

    Why is it so hard to admit – Islamic theology needs to be reformed?

    The horrible reality of Islamic theology should be talked about. All Islamic warts should be exposed and talked about. And Islam in the West should be forced to reform. No hate passages, no Saudi mullahs, no Arabic texts in the West, no burkas or other female head coverings, no Sharia, no Islamic accommodations.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      The Saudis won’t get a nuke unless the Americans give it to them.
      See, the Iranians are actually making their bomb.
      Saudis, on the other hand don’t do anything for themselves.

      • Minicapt

        Who do you think financed the Pakistani nuke program?


  • DMB

    The only thing we should care for is mutual assured destruction.

  • Barrington Minge

    As long as sunni and shytes are killing each other, it has to be good news

  • Freedom

    Go Kurds