Pakistani writer: Deep divide between the West and Islam

These people holding these poster mean it.

Gleeden is a French website [English language version here] that promises “a secret little foray into infidelity”. Even in a sexually liberated country like France, advertisements for the site have drawn criticism, and some of them have been removed, causing the Gleeden management to complain about censorship…

This open, relaxed attitude towards sex is one of many aspects of Western society that most Muslim immigrants find deeply deplorable. Films, TV and online adult content all contain explicit scenes of sex that repel Muslims who have settled in the West. At least that’s the public image; behind closed doors, it’s a different story. As we have seen in several incidents in the United Kingdom, Muslim immigrants — mostly of Pakistani origin — have raped and sexually exploited young girls in a series of shocking episodes.

Clearly, there is a lot of hypocrisy in Muslim sexual attitudes, and the open acceptance of such way of thinking in the West contrasts sharply with the deeply conservative outlook displayed by Muslim migrants.

This is only one aspect of life in the West that divides the host community from its Muslim neighbours.

Another is the consumption of alcohol...

But perhaps the biggest no-no for Muslims is pork and its by-products like bacon, ham and sausages…

Attitudes towards pets, and specially dogs, are another contributing factor to the great divide between Muslim migrants and the host community in the West…

Increasingly, Europeans are losing their religious beliefs while Muslims seem to be clinging more fiercely to theirs. In fact, the Muslim migrants of this generation often insist on a public display of their faith in their attire and their behaviour in a way their parents did not…

So when Western politicians and journalists ask why Muslims are not integrating into their societies, they need to look at the deep social and religious differences between their respective worldviews. Apart from simply refusing to shed their traditions and mores, Muslims also tend to be highly critical and openly judgemental about what they see as the moral degradation of Western society…

Whatever the causes of this deep gulf between Muslim migrants and the West, it is clear that it won’t be bridged any time soon.

In other words, practising Muslims are seriously in conflict with Western values and culture. Only those who  become agnostics or atheists will ever assimilate.

Nothing new here of course. Regular readers have heard it all before. But why are our leaders in complete denial? This writer is Pakistani and this was published in the Pakistani news outlet Dawn.

And the writer has only mentioned some conflicts. There are many other problems: requirements for prayer rooms, segregated swimming pools, dislike of music and so on.  And I have not even mentioned the tendency (at least in Europe) for Muslims to form an underclass that bitterly resents the West.

  • J. C.

    I’ve always said that Western and Islamic cultural values were incompatible… STOP IMPORTING THEM!!!

    • Frau Katze

      Agree. It won’t work for a large fraction of them. They don’t to mix with us, period. They’re here strictly for a better standard of living, that their precious Islam can’t seem to deliver.

  • The Goat

    One of the biggest “no-no”s for Westerners is flying passenger jets into scyscrapers full of people, the beheading of the elderly, and the rape of children.

    • Yes but our ancestors were evil so we don’t count.

    • J. C.

      How could you forgot goat molestation?!?!?! 😉

    • David Murrell

      …and the mass shooting of unarmed, captured prisoners of war into trenches.

  • Martin B

    Look here Irfan, your prophet was a mass murdering kiddie rapist, your religion has rules for raping prepubescent girls and goats, and millions yes millions of little boys are raped every year by devout Mohammedans in your country, which by the way is a shit hole & a failed state. Stop pretending that Islam stands for decency, because it doesn’t and it never did.

  • Without Islamic reformation – nothing will change.