Pakistan: One killed, 12 injured as Christians protest countrywide over deadly church attacks

Police broke up Christian protesters in Lahore with tear gas and baton charges on Monday, a day after suicide bombers killed at least 16 people outside two churches, police said.

The protesters, angry at the lack of security for Christians, blocked a major highway in the city. One person was killed and 12 others injured during the protests.

“Police wanted them to disperse peacefully and did not take any action,” said Nayab Haider, a spokesman for Lahore police.

But a hit-and-run by a car, which injured four protesters, provoked the crowd, some of whom started throwing stones at cars and private property…

  • chayisun

    Let me guess. the driver of the car that caused the ruckus by “mistakenly” running into some Christians was named mohammad and was screaming allah akbar and waving a koran……OR it could have been a disgruntled Methodist.

  • BillyHW

    Watching these Christians standing up for themselves against the muslim animals that surround them fills me with pride. Unfortunately I fear that the islamic savages will re-retaliate and kill them all.