Now that’s a Crappy Bus Ride…

Britain’s first ‘Bio-Bus’ running on human waste set to go into service

Britain’s first ever ‘Bio-Bus’, running on human and household waste, will go into regular service later this month.

The bus, powered by biomethane gas, will utilise waste from more than 32,000 households along its 15-mile route.

Operated by First West of England, the bus will fill up at a site in Avonmouth, Bristol, where sewage and food waste is turned into biomethane.

  • poop

    Complimentary toilet paper?

  • ntt1

    I remember finding a sewage lagoon near Bromely, it was used for drying up the sludge . there was a weird overgrowth of what looked like tomato plants with an understory of gas inflated condoms sticking out of the muck at random intervals, .kind of like horse clam siphons on the west coast, very strange,..

    • just a thought

      Throw up a bunch of tents and a few high- end lean tos, and you’ll have the perfect Greenie spa resort.

  • Brett_McS

    Are there No.1 and No.2 buses?

    • just a thought

      yes, and they are easy to tell apart. one makes the sound of a waterfall going by, and the other a muffled whoopie cushion.

      • Reader

        If you don’t have cash for the fare to get on will they take deposits?

  • Xavier

    You’ve gotta be shitting me.

    • Ed

      or politicians

  • simus1

    Apparently no need to enlighten us as to how much this bit of rent seeking tomfoolery is gouging taxpayers versus usual cost for diesel powered transport. Similar earlier efforts going back decades have usually collapsed because “high energy” pig manure is usually needed in huge quantities to boost bio activity of other less hard working forms of waste feed stocks. This in turn tends to make the “methane producing brew” unstable and the output unreliable.
    Old saying:
    “If it is so simple and easy, everyone would already be doing it.”

    • Exile1981

      Actually the Chinese have been doing it rurally for generations. They have a digester tank underground that they feed through a special opening human waste and grass and everything else. After it gets going the lack of oxygen cause anaerobic bacteria to start producing methane. They pipe the methane to the houses for use as a cooking fuel.

      The pro’s are it uses up a lot of human waste that otherwise would end up in the water supply and you are getting a usable supply of methane for cooking.

      The CONS – It can effect the flavor of food as certain sulfur compounds can carry over. – It also takes some work to balance but not as much as you would think. – The fuel is low BTU, but good enough for cooking.

      In the context of this bus: The two largest cons would be storage and pressure. The chinese cook systems use the pressure of the system and have no compressors. In the case of CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicles they require the gas at a pressure of 3000 PSI. You need a fair amount of fuel to boost the digesters output to that pressure otherwise the range of your bus would be a couple of feet.

      Storage can also be an issue- I have no idea of the British standard for these tanks but i do have some experience with the US on. A couple of decades ago the LA city decided to run a dozen test buses on CNG. The tanks where made in Calgary. Those tanks were composite materials for weight and strength reasons. They were a multi layer Kevlar and carbon fiber filament wound system. The finished tanks had to be tested to withstand a 50 cal sniper rifle shot at 50 feet – in case the bus was caught in the cross fire of the gangs. Now that being the 90’s and pre 9-11; I suspect a smart designer would go out of there way to design for a small IED or other explosive. Pressurized tanks of that capacity and pressure that fail from an external explosion would be a very big bomb. So from a public safety point of view one of these would be a prime target for outbreaks of multiculturalism.

  • just a thought

    If that doesn’t make muslimes want to modernize, I don’t know what will.

    Oh, and when AvonMOUTH (sure and that’s where it be comin from) runs out, they can tank up at the BBC, or the Hadley Climate Center, where climate sewage is abundant.

  • Ghost of Ed

    The left has to get rid of it’s crap some way. This is the way they do it.

  • andycanuck

    They were going to hook it up to the House of Commons but they were afraid of a meltdown.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Perpetual Motion Machine. Politicians can power rockets to Mars.

  • Gary

    I read an article about the GREEN scam where back around 1993 at a Science Fair in California , an Inventor won 1st Prize for his Cars power system that he demonstrated in a video when he drove about 300 miles to the Fair just on bottle human Urine. The battery took the ammonia and produced electricity which lasted a long distance between refilling the cells.
    He made the news that day and in a Science mag , but along came a big Corporation linked to energy and put on a show to the Media that they wanted to help get the system to market.
    He needed several millions $$$$ to do R&D for a retail system , the Corporation put-up $10 million and said they would get their people on it to start the process while they also gave him $2 million up front t olive off over he next 6 + years.
    By 1996 , someone did a search on the Invention for Patent records or stories for an update. No one item , so the Inventor was questioned and that’s when he saw how the Corporation shelved the whole plans and because he signed over 51% of the Ownership to them for research and Patent filing ( Normal at first and then reverts back when paten is official) they now owned it and he had $2 million while they paid $10 million with a promise to market it one day.

    I can’t remember the Inventors name but he now has a deal with Samsung for a long life battery for small electronic.
    the story was in the media on the news in the 1990’s and he was in a science mag .
    I’ll try to find it, I know it was mentioned by another Eco scientist that has ways to solve the energy problems .

  • Al_the_Fish

    In related news, the town of Bristol is now offering discount coupons for the sale of baked beans.

  • MannieP

    We have been using “biomethane” for fuel for damnear a hundred years. Wastewater treatment plants typically use anaerobic digesters to break down the sludge they extract from sewage. These are basically sealed tanks that hold the stuff for about 30 days while anaerobic bugs eat it. One of the byproducts is stuff called digester gas, which has about half the heating value of natural gas. That’s because it’s about half methane and half other, non combustible gases. Plants typically burn some of this to heat the digesters. The very biggest plants generate enough that they use it to power large diesel engines to provide power for the plant. The smaller plants flare it off.

    I don’t see any reason this can’t be used to power buses, although I suspect there are more efficient ways to utilize the stuff.