Luvvies line up to star in Jihadi John apologist film

Two of Britain’s most distinguished actors are set to star in a £6million film ‘co-written’ by a leading figure of the Jihadi John apologist campaign group, Cage.

Sir Ben Kingsley and Emily Watson will be working alongside an award-winning team in ‘The Secret Evidence’.

Golden Globe-winning producer J Todd Harris is said to already be on board, and the film has commitments from Emily Watson, Sir Ben and Lily Collins.

  • simus1

    Hopefully all involved “star cranks” will insist on most of the production being done on actual location in isisland to preserve “artistic and islamic purity”.

  • Destroyer-Drone

    Unsurprising. I hope this brings them the most painful kind of shame they’ve ever experienced.

    Further proof of how actors and politicians are interchangeable crooks these days.

    • David Murrell

      There has to be a concerted effort to those brave few anti-Islamo-Nazi people, still left in Britain, to shame all involved with this pro-Nazi propaganda film. They should be shames, and also investigated by British security.

  • Blacksmith

    Britain’s hollywierd gets into the islamist apologist act eh? What a surprise actors are overwhelmingly leftist.

  • Reader

    Do you remember this items performed by Ben Kingsley?
    1001 Inventions and The Library of Secrets – starring Sir Ben Kingsley as Al-Jazari

  • ntt1

    there is a new Sean Penn movie out, it is written by the same guy that did the successful taken film with Liam Neeson , I will take immensense pleasure in not paying to see this pathetic creep on screen it just is not going to happen.

    • J. C.

      When I saw the trailer for ‘The Gunman’, I thought it looked like it might be a decent action movie… Unfortunately, Sean Penn is in it, therefore I’ll never know whether it’s a good flick or not. 😉

  • tom_billesley

    Jihadi girls – CAGE decides what is the real issue—claims-trained-8849911
    ” … the role of Canadian intelligence services in ushering them in to the hands of ISIS despite UK, Turkey and Canada all being NATO members is the real issue …”

  • Morticiaa

    Yup just think how much mileage the Brits and Hollywood got from good ol Jack the Ripper, now we will see decades of hideousness about their new serial psychopath

  • cmh

    he is a crack smoker….i recognize the lip mark

  • Rae Garner

    All has-beens and wannabes. Figures