Is Patrick Brown the next great Tory hope for Ontario?

Who is Patrick Walter Brown?

Don’t really know, don’t really think it matters.

Well, he may be a Tory hopeful, I’ll grant him that as he appears to be the front-runner in the leadership race.

Beyond that I have no optimism a truly conservative government will ever be elected in Ontario again.

The province is essentially a kleptocracy controlled by the public service unions with Wynne their willing puppet.

That stranglehold will not be relaxed, not even if the province entered bankruptcy I suspect.

Enjoy the ride to Detroit.

  • Gaylord Ponce

    I think this guy’s a weasel. He’s in it for the glory, not to serve the citizens. Give me Monte McNaughton any day over the others. In any event, any PC on their worst day is much better than a Lib on their best.
    The Ponce has spoken!

    • I hear he gets along fine with unions.

    • DD_Austin

      Have you ever considered why the PCs run such miserable incompetent
      campaigns, elect such miserable incompetent leaders, and never really

      hurt the liberals at all.

      And why whoever isn’t the government is called the “loyal opposition”

      Doesn’t it make life easier for every politician if the “opposition” isn’t really
      opposing at all, if everyone would quit digging up dirt on each other and
      sure everyone gets a turn at the public trough?

      Perhaps guys like Hudak and Trudreau are more than just incompetent morons, perhaps they’re paid professional shoot themselves in the foot morons, and doing damn good job subverting the parliamentary system.

      Comparing PCs and libs is like comparing two turds, you may think one
      doesn’t smell as bad as the other, but in the end your standing there
      holding two turds under your nose, best not to pick one or the other.

  • David Murrell

    I agree with Cat’s bitter tone here. Just reading the recent articles on the RCMP investigation on the OPPA (and the censorship of that story by the corrupt national media), things have gone off the deep, corrupt end. Ontario is going the way of Detroit.

    • The OPP and TPS are essentially private political militias now.

  • Jason

    “Enjoy the ride to Detroit.” Hmm – pretty pessimistic stuff, but I’m afraid that you’re probably right. The little I’ve heard suggests Monte McNaughton might be an exception to the rule but by and large the “Conservatives” are ideologically little different than many of their Liberal opponents. Christine Elliot is a good example – she’s bright, well spoken, looks good in photos, and seems utterly without substance or passion for true conservative ideals.

    • A permanent political class is the bane of all democracies, once established the rot is near impossible to eradicate. Term limits may mitigate some of the damage but as we have seen in Ontario the bureaucracy, our public service unions, are the real power, free to extort our last crust of bread if they so wish.

      • Jason

        Statism – a symbiotic relationship between the political class and the bureaucracy. There’s little motivation for politicians to roll back the power and size of the State when they benefit directly from it being ridiculously bloated. So what’s the solution – are there no idealistic, passionate politicians who care about fairness for all citizens, who wish to honestly reduce the size and influence of government?
        Probably not, right?!

  • Stronger Than Dirt

    I passed some striking OPSEU members the other day, they claimed they were fighting the Liberal government for living wages … two incredible lies without a hint of guilt.

    • Exile1981

      Unions steal from the members and are almost always corrupt. I say almost always because while I have never encountered a non-corrupt one I hear they exist. And just like the yeti these mythical non-corrupt unions may be out there waiting to be discovered some day.

      • Stronger Than Dirt

        Like Unicorns ?

        • Exile1981

          Or Turdeau’s brain.

  • Waffle

    So much to say, so little time. But here goes:

    First of all, BCF we are already at least half-way to Detroit and no, I for one, am not enjoying the ride. It sucks.

    Secondly, thank you for posting this piece on Brown. I know absolutely nothing about him, but he recently captured my interest as he appears to be gaining on Christine’s alleged lead. The Star piece is interesting in that it damns with faint praise. I horked up a hairball when the writer dug up poor old John Robarts from the grave. So, I have to ask — why do we need another Red Tory (I prefer to call them Liberal Lite) aboard? The party is already full of them.

    Third, my remarks may be a tad biased because nobody in any of the camps has reached out to me (by phone or in person) to get me to rejoin the party. I was a long-time member and sat on the board in my riding. I choose not to take this personally (although it might well be) but I have to wonder how many other “me’s” have been overlooked because of crappy organization? I suspect there might be quite a few because on the eve on the last election, I ran into people I had known for years. Their attempts to volunteer had been rebuffed.