Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?

“…Acts of anti-Jewish harassment and vandalism are common in Malmö, and Kesselman is a main target, because he is the only Jew there who still dresses in an identifiably Jewish manner—kippah, black hat, black coat, and long beard. Jewish teenagers in Malmö told me that wearing a Star of David necklace can incite a beating. Kesselman estimates that he has been the target of roughly 150 anti-Semitic attacks in his 10 years in the city, mainly verbal, but also physical. “There is a lot of cursing at me, and people sometimes throw bottles at me from their cars. Someone backed up their car in order to hit me,” he said when I met with him. Occasionally, he said, people spit on him.”

  • Raymond Hietapakka
  • Norman_In_New_York

    That time was 120 years ago when Herzl foresaw what happened afterwards and now.

    • Europe will not change, they can’t, they are now held hostage by their Muslim population.

  • just a thought

    Helen Thomas told us it was time to go back. I guess Sweden never got the memo? (No one else, either, it seems.)

    • Helen was a such a saint…

      • just a thought

        HEH! 🙂

  • Hard Little Machine

    At the very least they should consider that once one of the European nations elects a Muslim government, then they will be persecuted legally. Wearing of stars, kicked out of government jobs, forced to pay an extra tax, that sort of thing. So if they don’t leave, and mind you half of them never will no matter what, but those who don’t leave will face some very uncomfortable times. Figure Belgium or Sweden or Norway are the first to topple. Belgium is the only one of the three with much a Jewish population to worry about with 42,000 people. But how large is that, really? Figure half of that is 20,000 people give or take. 5,000 a year for 4 years and whomever is left, it’s kind of their own problem to live with.