French police go on trial 10 years after the Banlieue burned

Nearly a decade after three weeks of nightly rioting raged across disaffected French housing projects, two police officers go on trial on Monday over the deaths of two youths that detonated the explosion of violence…

…The rioting, arson, and running clashes with security forces that broke out in Clichy after the electrocution deaths quickly spread across hundreds of similarly seething French communities, inducing much soul-searching in France, yet little improvement in the projects since.

Concerns over the darker consequences of that growing socio-ethnic split between mainstream France and its marginalised inhabitants rose higher still after the January attacks in Paris by youths who had embraced radical Islam.

  • just a thought

    I thought they were cleared years ago. A couple of perps decided to hide from them near high voltage transformers and got fried. NOT the cops’ fault.

    • I imagine any verdict will be a cause for outbreaks of random diversity.

      • just a thought

        Naturally. Of course the politicians and social engineers who are really responsible will get off scot free.

        • I think that at the least that civil suits against Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Government of the day should be permissible.

          Our crackpot immigration policy has exposed Canadians to a genuine threat. They were frankly criminally negligent to my view.

          • just a thought

            works for me.

      • Frau Katze

        It can get pretty vibrant when they’re angry.

    • Exile1981

      From the OP “The Rennes trial is the result of an October 2012 judicial decision
      ordering the case to court after numerous earlier rulings, pre-trial
      hearings and internal police investigations cleared Gaillemin and Klein
      of error or negligence in the tragedy.”

      They were cleared multiple times, but the muslims keep claiming that they should have done something to save them. The radio chatter said they discussed what would have happened if the kids had gone into the transformers but figured they were not that dumb and never saw any signs they had so they did not call to have it shut down.

      • Bizarre isn’t it, but that indicates the level of fear the establishment has of the diversity they inflicted upon France.

        They will sacrifice a couple of peasant cops to keep the lid on things a little while longer.

        The same goes on in Canada, our politicians, the MSM and judiciary are afraid of the Muslims.

      • just a thought


      • just a thought

        oh, and come to think of it, that’s the road Obama and Holder are trying to drag America down, and will if we can’t get some decent Conservatives in office.

        • Exile1981

          Injuring yourself during the commission of a crime should automatically exempt you ever sueing for injuries or death.

          They kids (who the muslims claim where good kids) where suspected of a crime by the police and when the cops showed up they ran from said cops. In most nations that in itself is a crime.

          Another way to look at it is this – the cops were cleared, a investigation and a trial both said they did nothing wrong; in north america they would be free since you can’t retry people for the same crime. In france the lefties will keep taking this too court until they get the answer they want.

          • Just a thought

            Yes, but only in a saner world than we seem to be inhabiting now.

  • David

    Forget it Jake, it’s France.

  • Warren Raymond

    The trial is an exhibition of dhimmitude and a disgrace of France in the eyes of the world. The Muslims who burned 10.000 cars, 400 buses and a 100 businesses should be on trial, not the police who went after the perps. This is so perverse it is obscene!

    • But it’s so multicultural!

      • Exile1981

        And festive; you could take your wife out for a romantic stroll among the flickering lights of burning cars and buildings. Of course she will need a trash bag to avoid being attacked and added to a fire for the crime of not dressing like a muslim women and both of you will need bullet proof vests in case anyone you encounter is suffering from sudden jihadi syndrome… but think of the romance.

        • Frau Katze

          Sounds delightful! The aroma of burning cars!

  • roccolore

    France betrayed Charlie.