Ferguson Payback: ‘If There Was Any Justice … They’d Be Suppressing White People’

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies bills itself as a nonpartisan think tank with a focus on racial issues that is distinctly above the fray.  This is how it describes itself:

Originally known as the Joint Center for Political Studies, the Joint Center brought together black intellectuals and professionals to provide training and technical assistance to newly elected black officials. Today, the Joint Center is recognized as one of the nation’s premier think tanks on a broad range of public policy issues of concern to African Americans and other communities of color.


  • Gettingby

    Your “of color” link at the end is broken.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Just relocate all the white people ‘to the east’ and turn over Ferguson to the Federal government to establish the nation’s first 100% exclusively black town. The Federal government can run it directly until a new government can be created. It will get no money from the state of Missouri and will create strict border control so that no white people are allowed to set foot in it.

  • winniec

    Martin Luther King would have condemned their hatred and lawlessness. MLK was a conservative Republican.

  • mauser 98

    Fergadishu meets George Orwell
    ..Holder national police state
    “The Department of Justice started the initiative as part of the My Brother’s Keeper program”

  • J. C.

    The situation in Ferguson makes an excellent argument in favour of racially homogenous societies…

  • Exile1981

    Holder and Obama own the lawlessness of ferguson.

  • ed

    18.000 residents , outstanding arrest warrants 16.000 [ferguson court report ] 2015

  • just a thought

    HUSSEIN O’Bunko and P.O.S. Holder may have a plan?
    Could be. The French is strong with those two.