Ezra Levant: Why was Adam Vaughn at #Stop51 in Toronto?

Liberal MP Adam Vaughan is raising eyebrows for attending a protest against Bill C-51 over the weekend.

The Liberal Party supports the anti-terror legislation put forward by the Conservative government following the attack on Parliament Hill in October.

  • simus1

    Poor “Ban Bullets” had to become a Libberfibberal to get onto the Ottawa gravy train, at least for the moment. Suppose if Shiny Pony crashes and burns outside Quebec at the next election and the NDP does the same inside Quebec the left will have to finally merge.

  • andycanuck

    You can take the Commie out of the Party but you can’t take the Party out of the Commie.

  • Doug Kursk

    More proof that leftists CAN suck and blow at the same time. Even more comical was watching has-been musician Andrew Cash (replete in his Tommy Douglas outfit!) mangle old protest songs like the dirty hippy he secretly wants to be.

    Drug addled losers and halfwits every man jack of them..