Eight-strong team of ex-British Army soldiers set to join fight against Islamic State in Syria

An eight-strong team of former British Army soldiers is preparing to leave Britain to join the fight against Islamic State in Syria, the Standard can reveal.

The team are training to fight as a single volunteer unit alongside the Kurdish militias on the front line in northern Syria.

Images on social media show members of the group posing in combat fatigues and clutching high powered assault rifles on a training exercise in Europe.

The caption to one image of a soldier with a machine gun reads: “Bad news delivery system, if you’re ISIS!”

  • David Murrell

    God speed them on their way. I would hate to be some bozo ISIS-Nazi volunteer, from a Western country, facing them in small-unit combat. I would place my money on the UL soldiers.

  • P_F

    Couple of the men standing are holding hunting shotguns, not an ideal choice when fighting terrorists in a foreign land.

  • winniec

    They would do the most good as trainers.

  • DD_Austin


    Fighting Satan to save Beelzebul

    Let Isis kill all the “innocents” off and then go in and kill anything walking on two