Awwww… Muslim terror suspect not doing ‘well’ in detention: Lawyer

A jailed Pakistani man who faces allegations he was scheming to blow up the U.S. Consulate and other Toronto buildings is not doing “very well,” says his lawyer.

Jahanzeb Malik, 33, is slated to appear before an Immigration and Refugee Board for a detention review on Monday. The government wants to deport him to Pakistan.

Malik is faring “not very well” in detention, said his lawyer, Anser Farooq.

  • ProgNorth

    Yeah, really broken up about this.

    • Me too, ruined my whole day.

    • Clausewitz

      I no longer have a fuck to give.

      • Bataviawillem

        I’m out to.

  • Mal

    Good to hear.

  • Denis George Miller

    I am so sorry he is not being treated in the manner to which he wishes. I am sure all the people he was going to kill will jump to his aid and beat the crap out of him , just to make him feel better!

    • I bet the Star will run an editorial, and Haroon a column on his mistreatment by the evil Harper.

      • JoKeR

        Maybe he’s depressed from all that prison food?

        I think we should all chip in and buy him a honey-baked ham to cheer him up.

        • Spam, a whole case of spam;)

        • Robert J. Hoshowsky

          Brought to him in containers around the loving necks of a dozen Pit Bulls…just ’cause.

  • favill

    You mean nobody has slipped a lethal dose of bleach or toilet bowl cleaner in the guy’s coffee yet? Why do we pay prison guards so much if they won’t act as society’s last defence against human animals?

  • Gaylord Ponce

    His lawyer can go farooq himself.

  • roccolore

    Compared to other prisoners, he’s being treated pretty well.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    He shouldn’t be there in the first place, since the only way to effectively deal with terrorists is to take no prisoners.

  • Gary

    I smell a Lawsuit coming for Torture and he’ll file for about $200,000,000.00 and demand an Inquiry like Arar did and then settle for $10 million which buys lots of Jihad training camps in BC and Ontario.
    Farooq is being pretty rich , he was wit the NDP and ran as a gay muslim. Yet he cries islamophobia here in Canada while not saying a word about the thousands of gay muslims murdered under sharia law . He was also silent at the pro-hamas group in PRIDE .
    He fears telling the truth about islam because he’s not safe in Canada from the threats by other muslims ( 99.99% are peaceful) as an apostate and GAY.
    Amazing how Farooq will promote how great islam is for human rights , but got a refugee status to stay and can’t be deported to any islamic Nation with sharia law because he’s gay. Basically, he can bash Canada and non-muslims all he wants and will never face a HRC compliant if he does a serious crime he can’t get deported back home.
    He was on a Vision TV show where the Guest was a Christian that faced the Host and a Rabbi along with him
    After enjoying bashing the man for almost an hour while acting so smug and superior as a muslim , the show was over and the host said good bye but only the audio was cut as the video was the backdrop for the Credits .
    People talked to each other but when the Christian put his hand to shake Farooq’s that it was a respectful debate, Farooq was caught refusing to touch the Christian .
    Gotta love that taqiyyah , some muslims put on a good show for the camera and media, but they can’t shake that quranic hatred for unbelievers or the claims by allah as the super-race destine to rule the Earth by sharia law.

    He’s just another lawyer that knows how the bilk the system for Jihadists , ironically this thug might have one day bombed the gay bar Farooq would be in while promoting islams peace .

  • chayisun

    He’s not doing well. About what? the fact he was unable to kill anyone? That probably upset him. The fact he got caught? That’s a bummer. I assume he is eating well on the taxpayer’s dime. Halal approved diet, no doubt. Also, I assume again, he gets to pray to allah five times a day. That’s a plus for the thug. What’s not to like. Well, I guess the lawyer could smuggle in his favourite goat.

  • P_F

    Of course he’s heart broken for not being able to perform his duty as commanded by his allah.

  • Bataviawillem

    Very next move is, claiming he can’t be deported because Pakistan police might torture him.