114 ‘high-risk’ Muslims bilked Royal Bank before leaving for areas near conflict zones

The Royal Bank of Canada has identified 114 clients as “very high-risk” for maxing out their credit cards before travelling to countries near Syria and Iraq, QMI Agency has learned.

Before leaving Canada, the clients borrowed the maximum amount of money allowed on their credit cards or lines of credit, a senior RBC vice president, Karim Rajwani, told participants during a webinar earlier this year.

QMI Agency obtained the audio recording.

The webinar was organized for anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing professionals in the banking industry.

Rajwani, a world expert in the fight against terrorist financing, says he discreetly shared his information with the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service.

None of the 114 clients paid off their debts and their accounts have been inactive since they left the country, he added.

“We aren’t saying that these people are terrorists, just very high-risk individuals,” Rajwani noted.

  • chayisun

    Of course they aren’t terrorists. 114 clients of the bank maxing out their credit cards and heading for the sunny climes of regions near Syria and Iraq for a well deserved vacation. Royal Bank shouldn’t worry. When these holiday takers return they’ll pay off those outstanding accounts. Really. No doubt about it.

    • I have absolute faith in them.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      They are not only terrorists, but deadbeats as well.

  • marty_p

    It’s a new way for non Mo’s to pay Jizya – Mo’s run up their credit cards with un-collectable debt – banks make all of us infidels pay more to pay off the debt

    • Surele Surele


    • BillyHW

      They’re not even allowed to pay off the debts, that would be usuary.

    • john700

      It’s not new. I’ve been seeing this for over a decade.

      1. Build a good credit history: a) have a real job or a fake one; b) apply for many credit cards and lines of credit;
      2. Increase over the years the credit limits on the credit cards and the lines of credit;

      3. At one time max them out by a) cashing them; b) buying new goods (electronics, for example) and selling them immediately;
      4. Go to Middle East and live like a king;
      5 (optional) After 7 years (when the debt is written-off and your credit bureau file is cleaned), come back and repeat.

  • Editor

    What do you figure, would this be taqiyya or jizya?

    • Surele Surele

      both, no?

  • simus1

    Must be karma.
    RB left me long ago with its new hires and overseers constant drift towards DDR East Berlin style customer service.
    The final straw was after the usual once a month joint account transaction hassle for a sick relative, hassle courtesy of a random Euro – B. After all that she then had a memory twig and went into pushing their term deposits. Thanks but no thanks.

    • I walked into a Royal branch in Vancouver and was asked why I wanted to open an account in the “Chinese branch”.

      Fuck you Royal Bank.

      • Doug Kursk

        …do a post on that!

        • simus1

          Being a dressed down “Gwai Lo” can also make for an amusing “authentic experience” in at least one location of a large Chinese supermarket chain 🙂