When state trumps church

I’ve read the Qur’an multiple times. I’ve done the crash course in Islamic history and jurisprudence. I routinely chat with Muslims, both supremacists and liberal. Heck, I even watched Lawrence of Arabia as a kid.

So when I argue that wearing the niqab is a pretty bad choice to make and that the government is completely right to insist women remove it during citizenship oaths, I’m not saying that out of ignorance.

It’s actually the sad faux-feminists out there aligning themselves with a religion that has misogyny bred in the bone who are the ignorant ones.

  • BillyHW

    Excuse me, but a Hillary scandal in the State Department is really an Obama scandal. It’s his administration.

    Edit: Sigh, wrong thread.

  • Just a thought

    cognitive dissonance alert! (see photo)

    whole-body bag_check
    automatic rifle_check
    Denums and fashionable footwear_WTH?

    • Slutz!

      • Just a thought

        …with guns!

        • winniec

          Patti Hursts in a burqa.

      • judt a thought

        Iota Sigma Lambda initiation?

    • Clausewitz

      Aim for body mass rules still apply. Remember site at body mass center.

  • wallyj180

    A couple of CBC polls that will never be mentioned by the CBC. They are already tough to find.

    On March 12 we asked: Should there be limits on where and when the niqab can be worn?
    Here are the results:

    Yes: 1446 votes (55%)
    No: 113 votes (42%) … ( math is hard )
    Unsure: 87 votes (3%)

    On March 13 we asked: Is the niqab an insult to the dignity of women?I
    Here are the results:

    – Yes: 2338 votes (72%)
    – No: 674 votes (21%)
    – Unsure: 217 votes (7%)

    The CBC and JT are in bed with the enemy.

    They will get out if they stop a Conservative majority. The CBC is the main player in the consortium that will put on, and call the winner in the debates.
    JT will win the debates by showing up.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

    • winniec

      Sharia law has rules for ‘proper’ rape as opposed to ‘improper’ rape.

      • Martin B

        Sharia law has rules for raping goats.

        • wallyj180

          They do, but it is not specific to goats.
          It covers all livestock.

  • winniec

    No masked men or women in Canada. A mask means someone is threatened.
    The Islamic mask give Muslim males the right to rape the unveiled.

  • Barrington Minge

    A burst from the trusty .50 cal would sort this lot out, women or no.

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    Furey said it well here: “Why is Harper the one being called intolerant? It’s these new Canadians who are being intolerant of a country gracious enough to extend them citizenship.”

  • gira

    It offfends me as a woman, to see a misogynistic bag on a female body .

  • just a thought

    If Obama had a daughter…..

    • Clausewitz

      You mean besides the central casting pair?

  • Gary

    It looks like John Tory dodged a bullet this July because the pro-hamas QuAIA yahoos have dissolved for now . I still say that the Rainbow people will rue the day they march with the Pro-Choice because we see how the Science dealing with Biology and the DNA chains keeps advancing to ID sections for the Trait markers to spot some diseases or conditions.
    One day , the Gender and Sexual preference markers will be found and we will see the current Gender-cide Abortions for women have the Homo-cide Abortion for the Lesbian baby and the Male gay baby for an Abortion.
    With no laws for access to Abortions that restrict it for defined reasons, gays and lesbians will be prevented from ever being born , and they CAN’T do a thing to stop it because they marched and marched for the CHOICE which future women will have even to kill a gay baby.

    This is all based on assuming that Sharia Law in Canada doesn’t kill them off in a Caliphate if Trudeau gets in power and abets the islamists.
    ISIS and Iran are using a retro-active abortion to kill them now as a favour to allah.