Shorter Haroon Siddiqui: Implementation Of Sharia Law In Citizenship Ceremony Must Override Majority Opinion

“…Standing on guard against the Islamic hordes, Ayatollahs Harper and Jason Kenney are reciting the sharia to argue that the niqab is not Islamic. Kenney says he has it on the authority of the grand mufti of Egypt, “the most pre-eminent sharia authority in the Sunni world,” and also of “a vast majority of Muslims that I’ve spoken with.” Harper cites “the views of the overwhelming majority of moderate Muslims.”

Egypt’s mufti is a paid employee of a police state. It’d be useful to know how many of the one million Muslims Kenney has spoken to, given that his government boycotts that community and pursues a policy, copied from the old colonialists and contemporary authoritarian states, of cultivating a handful of pliant people, some of whom it funds and uses as props at press conferences and parliamentary hearings. It would also be interesting to know who, in Harper’s book, qualifies as a “moderate Muslim,” given that he classifies adversaries as enemies and has characterized two leaders of Her Loyal Majesty’s Opposition as terrorist sympathizers.

But none of that is pertinent. Nor is the fact that a majority of Canadians agree with Harper on the niqab. If a majority believed in some anti-Semitic nonsense, would he oblige?

Haroon, like the apparent majority of the MSM, don’t seem to realize that few are buying their ludicrous spin on the Niqab issue.

The Niqab is a political statement, a veiled “F&ck You” to Canada.

Ordinary citizens know this.