Shorter Haroon Siddiqui: Implementation Of Sharia Law In Citizenship Ceremony Must Override Majority Opinion

“…Standing on guard against the Islamic hordes, Ayatollahs Harper and Jason Kenney are reciting the sharia to argue that the niqab is not Islamic. Kenney says he has it on the authority of the grand mufti of Egypt, “the most pre-eminent sharia authority in the Sunni world,” and also of “a vast majority of Muslims that I’ve spoken with.” Harper cites “the views of the overwhelming majority of moderate Muslims.”

Egypt’s mufti is a paid employee of a police state. It’d be useful to know how many of the one million Muslims Kenney has spoken to, given that his government boycotts that community and pursues a policy, copied from the old colonialists and contemporary authoritarian states, of cultivating a handful of pliant people, some of whom it funds and uses as props at press conferences and parliamentary hearings. It would also be interesting to know who, in Harper’s book, qualifies as a “moderate Muslim,” given that he classifies adversaries as enemies and has characterized two leaders of Her Loyal Majesty’s Opposition as terrorist sympathizers.

But none of that is pertinent. Nor is the fact that a majority of Canadians agree with Harper on the niqab. If a majority believed in some anti-Semitic nonsense, would he oblige?

Haroon, like the apparent majority of the MSM, don’t seem to realize that few are buying their ludicrous spin on the Niqab issue.

The Niqab is a political statement, a veiled “F&ck You” to Canada.

Ordinary citizens know this.


  • Clink9

    Harpoon. At least he’s open about wanting to destroy Canada. I choose the other side.

    • He makes no bones about his allegiance.

      • winniec

        I’ll pay his one-way trip to Pakistan…with a written promise not to return…ever.

  • ontario john

    Harooooon always seems to bring in the menace of Christians and Jews in his rants.

    • Of course, why even the Hindus made it into his litany of terrorists today.

    • Jason

      One of the #AskHamas questions was something like “A Jew, a Christian, a homosexual and an apostate are sitting in front of you. But you only have a single bullet – what do you do?” So many people to hate – wonder who *he* hates the most.

      • With luck he’ll become flummoxed and use it on himself;)

  • Martin B

    There are no circumstances under which the Toronto Star would ever imagine publishing any opinion piece arguing that the implementation of Christianity or Judaism must reign supreme and override majority opinion. So why on earth do they give so much space in their paper to a rabid Islamic supremacist? It can’t be good for their bottom line. Unless all of the publishers have secretly converted to Islam, I just don’t understand it.

    • The Star cares a great deal about Muslim demographics in the GTA.

      • winniec

        Quote from Globe & Mail: NDP tones down their defence of face-covering niqab in Quebec – “One of the NDP’s best known Quebec MPs, Alexandre Boulerice, gave media interviews this week to explain his “uneasiness” with the niqab…He also questioned the ability of fully veiled bureaucrats to provide services to the public, stating Canada might need a country-wide consultation on religious symbols similar to one in Quebec in 2007-2008. However, he added that the Charter needs to be respected…He also questioned the ability of fully veiled bureaucrats to provide services to the public, stating Canada might need a country-wide consultation on religious symbols similar to one in Quebec in 2007-2008. However, he added that the Charter needs to be respected…New Democrats explained that in much of the country, the debate is among three federalist parties, but that in Quebec, the separatist Bloc Québécois, a federal party, is scoring political points by criticizing the niqab…”

      • marty_p


        The Star (and Crescent) seem to be of the opinion that by shitting on Jews and Israel and by embracing the Mo constituency, they will have a guaranteed subscriber base as Mo demographics in the GTA are increasing.
        What the dopes at the Star don’t seem to understand is that new Mo immigrants don’t buy the Star and don’t patronize theatres, or concerts etc – which means that an entire segment of their supposed subscriber base aren’t patronizing their advertisers.

        They must have read the Eaton family guide to sinking a business.

        • wallyj180

          Mosques in ‘Palestine’ -2,835
          Theaters in ‘Palestine’ – 10

    • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

      Because the Star has to reassure us that Muslims and Islam are as wonderful as sugar plums and fairies.

      I’d say they are shoving Islam down the reader’s throat in the spirit of multiculturalism, buuuuuuut, the Star doesn’t teach me jack-all about Hinduism or Sikhism or Judaism, etc etc.

  • Just a thought

    Right here, on our show. Let’s have a warm welcome for… “the most pre-eminent sharia authority in the Sunni world,”

  • jayme

    There it is Canada must have Sharia Law now over to you JT.

    • JT will sell us as slaves to Sharia.

      • jayme

        It will be very interesting how he does handle requests from the muslims one example is some don’t think there should be rib cook offs in downtown Ottawa.

  • Waffle

    Wasn’t it Joe Goebbels (Hitler’s p.r. hack) who wrote the definitive words on lying? as in:
    Tell a big lie, it’s more apt to be believed than a small one
    If you tell a lie often enough, it will be believed.

  • winniec

    At least we all know he favours terrorism and misogyny.

  • winniec

    Turdeau…anything for a vote! No principles whatever.

  • wallyj180

    I put this in an above post, it is also relevant here…

    On March 13 we asked: Is the niqab an insult to the dignity of women?I

    Here are the results:
    – Yes: 2338 votes (72%)
    – No: 674 votes (21%)
    – Unsure: 217 votes (7%)

    Even the CBC readers understand that the niqab is an affront to the rights of women.
    Yet, the Star,the CBC, and others toss that aside in their zeal to get JT into 24 Sussex.
    Canadians of all political stripes know that the niqab is a tool of oppression.

    The media consortium will control the debates. The media will declare the winner.
    That will sway many voters, especially the ones that haven’t being paying attention, which is most.
    A Conservative minority will result in ‘Deputy Prime Minister Thomas Mulcair’ faster than you can say ‘what just happened’.

    Be afraid,be very afraid.

    • Justin is on the wrong side of reality.

    • J. C.

      It would appear that the public isn’t accepting their programming as expected… THERE MAY BE HOPE YET!!!

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘I felt ashamed as a Canadian Tuesday when our prime minister thundered against a
    sole niqabi woman in the Commons and his trained seals on the Conservative
    benches bobbed up and down in delirious approval….’

    Haroon then goes on to commend Justin Trudeau?

    Justin Trudeau’s party members allllllll have the same, party-approved stance on abortion.

    ‘trained seals’, WHAT?!

    Better luck next time, Haroon!!

  • Just a plugged in Joe

    Well, I’d debate that claim of: “Ordinary citizens know this.” Most aren’t paying attention, or look at it as “oppression of women” and not an expression of political Islam. The MSM isn’t portraying it as such. To them it’s more victim journalism. That Harper, he’s a Big Bully. Ms May once said it well: “Canadians are stupid….”

    Most prescient thing she’s ever said in public.

  • “Muslims cannot be maligned any more than they already have been in the post-Sept. 11 era. Yet Muslim minorities in the West have reacted with remarkable equanimity, perhaps born of the knowledge that vile attacks on their faith and their identity dating back to the Crusades have made no difference to the inexorable growth of Islam and Muslims worldwide.”

    A whine, followed by laughable piece of b.s., followed by another whinge in the form of an historically inaccurate slander, followed by a sinister (and grammatically scrambled: “the inexorable growth… of Muslims”? What, are they getting taller?) boast, all in half a paragraph. Well done, sh*thead.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Excellent analysis! Haroon will have an imam pal declare a fatwa on you tomorrow.;-)