Robert Spencer on why the Islamic State is Islamic

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  • BillyHW

    Pure unadulterated Islam, straight from Mohammed to you.

  • Gary

    Robert is so correct when he pointed out that many msulims in the West no little about the quran because they either haver English version, or they only know how to sound-out the basic Prayers in Arabic 5 times a day.

    I have dealt with those types of muslims on Blogs or comment sections for video that deal with islam. What I hear is that islam is beautiful and islam is peace…..but when challenged on it they post a link to a Imam they agree with or they copy and paste an english version of a quranic verse.

    When someone uses the Trust Me line, it reminds me of the Snake-oil cure-all for what ail you . Don’t read the bottle or question it because if you do you’re an snakeophobic racists bigot because Snake means Peace and Health.

    • Most Muslims can’t read the Arabic koran.

    • barryjr

      Kind of like progressive media and their love of Obama.

      • Gary

        I was shocked at the Hearings by Congress over the scandals linked to Holder, the IRS, State Dept. , Lois Learner , Hillary , and the employees in general at those Dept.’s.
        The Liberal media reports that ” There has been no evidence of wrong doing “.
        But the videos tell the whole story that each witness suddenly has a bad memory or claims it’s someone else that was responsible because they weren’t there during these alleged violation to the rules.
        There is proof of wrong doing , but nobody wants to own up and lose their job . One person in the IRS that boasted about their 31 years service suddenly didn’t know about a common Tax Code or Privacy law that any new employee would be informed on in the first 2 years.
        Then , when shown their email they send to the White House which broke the Privacy laws for Tax record she could remember what words were in the redacted hard copy . Yet, it mentioned the Privacy Code # and was blacked out because it was illegal to show the names for a Tax file which she confirmed but then denies the Code was broken in the same email she sent to the White House to target some Anti-Government groups .

        You’re right, Obama says there no one smidgen of corruption in the IRS case and that the Ferguson issue is a Civil Rights case and that Benghazi ‘s riots were from a youtube video……. and the yahoos in the media bought it.

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    This is one of the best lectures I’ve heard on Islam—and he isn’t hateful He’s knowledgeable. He also has a sense of humour. And of course the reason this isn’t getting out is because of lack of access due to a very controlled main stream media.