Revealed: Grim fate of the MI6 agents betrayed by George Blake

He is the traitorous master spy who betrayed scores of British agents to the KGB in one of the greatest Soviet coups of the Cold War.

As a mole inside MI6, George Blake is known to have passed thousands of top-secret documents to Moscow – but the fates of the people he exposed have been shrouded for decades in rumour and half-truth.

Now, for the first time, the specific punishments suffered by individual victims of Blake’s duplicity can be revealed.

New research shows that a group of six MI6 agents who Blake identified to the KGB were imprisoned for up to 17 years inside East Germany, serving time in jails notorious for torture and psychological intimidation of inmates. One is now believed to have been taken to Moscow and executed.

  • simus1

    No western, especially British, intelligence officer who wound up in the hands of the North Koreans for an extended period of time, like Blake did, should ever have be kept on, much less promoted to the top in the years afterward.