Oh-oh: Students at Elite Universities Now Taking Up Arms

“In between completing problem sets, writing code, organizing hackathons, worrying about internships and building solar cars, a group of MIT students make their way to the athletic center, where they stand side-by-side, load their guns and fire away.They are majoring in biological engineering, brain and cognitive sciences, aeronautics, mechanical engineering, computer science and nuclear science. Before arriving at MIT, nearly all of them had never touched a gun or even seen one that wasn’t on TV.”

  • Dana Garcia

    I was on the rifle team in high school and I loved it.

  • Xavier

    Can’t Obama legislate an Amendment against this?

  • canminuteman

    I have a hard time imagining there are Americans who haven’t touched a gun.

  • Alain

    Don’t have the least problem with the guns, but “biological engineering” is supposed to be what. Perhaps they even have a course or program in gender engineering.

    • Frances

      Would check this out. suspect it is related to building artificial type stuff (think artificial hearts and kidney dialysis machines) as only engineers do, but having biological functions.