Chicago Tribune Lies About Muslim Brotherhood in Oak Brook

The media is determined to continue lying and covering up Islamic violence and supremacism.

This story is yet another disgraceful chapter in the media’s shameless lies and deceits.

  • ontario john

    The Western media is not hesitant to use fascist and communist tactics to control the message the public gets. The “Big Lie” is in full view this morning, as the Sunday Star’s front page headlines scream that the biggest terrorist threat is people with righ wing views, not peace loving islam. Using vague distorted statistics from CSIS the Star wants everyone to know that conservative views like anti abortion or whatever are the biggest threat to security. Big Brother would be so proud of the Star.

  • andycanuck

    OT: gee, the backwards-N in Cyrillic script is an “I” sound. Interesting.

  • mauser 98

    Obama is Chicago
    Val,Vernon Jarrett. Bill,Tom Ayers. V.Dohrn,Alinsky
    Rezko, Blagojevich, Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel
    …and those connections all begin with Frank Marshall Davis.

    “This Davis-Chicago nexus probably gets Obama into Columbia; it definitiely helped get him into Harvard: according to Percy Sutton – former Manhattan Borough president and Malcolm X’s lawyer”