Is this proof Gerry Adams is a killer?

One thing in particular caught the eye of the policeman as he walked past a Ford Corsair parked near Scotland Yard: it had a new number plate, even though the vehicle was rusting and had clearly seen better days.

Peering through the window on that spring morning, the officer saw something else to concern him — the inside was spotless, as if it had just been valeted, and on the rear seat was a large, bulky holdall and nothing else.

This was 1973, Ted Heath was prime minister and Roberta Flack’s Killing Me Softly was top of the charts. It was also the height of the Troubles in Northern Ireland — and an alert had recently been issued of an impending IRA attack on mainland Britain. Sensibly, the officer promptly radioed the bomb squad.

The area was evacuated and bomb disposal experts managed to defuse the massive device inside the holdall. It was primed to detonate at 2.50pm that day, not long after it had been made safe.


  • Drunk_by_Noon

    A few observations.
    The IRA bomber Dolores Price, a few months before she accidentally overdosed on prescription medications, made some allegations about Gerry Adams that he was also running one of the IRA ‘death squads’.

    Why do so many of the Brits seem to think that it was the U.S. government supporting the IRA for their fundraising that they were doing in some Irish quarters (mostly bars in Boston and NYC) back in the 1970’s?
    The comments over at the Mail do not fail to amaze.
    Wow, Irish immigrants were donating money to the IRA!?
    Who could have saw that coming, regardless of how little they actually raised here.
    The IRA’s mains source of income was The Soviet Union and “donations” from Libya, but mostly it was organized criminal activity back in the UK.
    They WERE the ‘Irish Mafia’ in Ireland!
    Of course they would never admit that they were basically communist stooges and common criminals, so they liked to play up how much money they raised from America when in fact they never raised all that much here.

    Finally, whenever you see some guy in a suit playing the politico role, that is saying the EXACT same thing the terrorists are, you can bet your bottom dollar he/she is coordinating with the actual terrorists or he would be the next one they took out for stepping on their message.
    Politico or Provo, they are all heads of the same snake.

    • Osh

      And then there’s the tangential Stephen Rea connection. About two years after Dolores Price was released from prison on compassionate grounds (anorexia nervosa apparently), she was wedded to the future star of The Crying Game in 1983. After the Thatcher government imposed a broadcasting ban on Sinn Fein in 1988, Stephen Rea was hired by Sinn Fein to read the words of Gerry Adams. Apparently the broadcast embargo did not cover the ‘thespian exemption’. Oh, and belated spoiler alert, the chick from The Crying Game was a dude. Cheers.

  • Brett_McS

    I think most people would be surprised if it turned out that Gerry Adams was not a murderous thug. He sure looks like one.

  • ntt1

    I remember this time in south London, one of our crowd was a really pretty Irish girl who was constantly threatened with demanded pat downs by drunken louts. it was meant as a joke but after a time it wore thin, I suppose this is how an apostate from a muslim background might feel today.

  • Observer

    I wonder if it started at a lower level like John Clark and Syd Ryan whipping up to riot during the G20 protests in Toronto, and then going home to watch the mayhem from the safety of home?

    I hope the security services are prepared for what these communists have planned for the Pan Am Games this year.

  • cmh

    of course he is a killer. he had a reason. he quietly carries on.