What Isis destroy, we must rebuild

Perhaps we need censorship. The Isis vandals now destroying the greatest sites in ancient Mesopotamia have no care for history, so why do they bother? The answer is to get publicity. As with beheadings, they want to taunt us with their outrages. So why give them what they want, which is our obvious dismay? Why encourage more destruction?

To read of the loss of ancient monuments is heartbreaking. When they date from the dawn of western civilisation in the Mesopotamian valley, the pain is the greater. Nimrud, Hatra and Nineveh are 6,000-year-old bedrocks of our culture. Like the smashed statues in Mosul museum, their destruction tears at the roots of Eurasia’s shared identity. That identity may stay recorded in books, pictures, museums. But the continuity of place is lost. The narrative is snapped.

  • Gary

    Since we don’t see any outrage from the ARTS community in Canada, it must mean that their effort to be creative and build societies is a BIG LIE and just another special interest group for people that fear getting a real job to contribute as a Maker and NOT as the Takers .

    We now see that these are selfish people that think they are exalted as the deep thinkers and leaders that will bring about World peace . This includes the Rainbow groups that are never happy no matter how many lives they ruin over allegations of homophobia while they REFUSE to hold just 1 Protest for the thousand’s of gays murdered in islamic Nation under sharia law .

    For decades these groups lectured society about how different and Just Society would be if THEY were in power .
    Right now we have a Lebsian Premier up to her neck in lies and scandals to the tune of over $1 billion and possible Election fraud , this while the new twist is the RCMP investigating Her OPP which was the Security Service at Queen’s Park that let an IT expert walk into a Government Office to wipe clean 12 PC Hard Drives that had evidence on them for emalis.
    The USA has Obama and Hillary along with Eric Holder up the their necks in scandals that include a possible cover-ups by erased emails and inciting riots where we now have 4 cops shot at and 2 of them dead .

    So how do you like the new Just Society under a White Lesbian Feminist, a Heterosexual Feminist , and a Socialist Communist Black male .

  • Xavier

    1) Bush’s fault
    2) Reparations

    In a world full of change there are some things you can count on, like liberal finger pointing and condescension.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …”I’ll explain it so you’ll understand
    Makalaka Sambamakka makka Durkistan”…


  • ontario john

    I blame Harper. And of course the Jews and global warming.

    • Editor

      Don’t forget the Patriarchy.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Arab countries are angry that someone’s erasing evidence of the highest point of their entire historical record….5000 years ago.

    • ntt1

      but they are not Arab sites they are ancient Persian sites that predate the Arab muslim invasion of the north eastern part of the cradle of civilization Arabs still have a problem with civilization so they tend to destroy it when ever they briefly manage to capture it. They will destroy it here too, if immigration of muslims is not curtailed immediately

      • Hard Little Machine

        Babylonian, Assyrian, Eblaite, whatever.

        • ntt1

          but that is just it Arabs have no history apart from nomadic goatskin tents , where are the grand ruins where are the libraries? Arabic islam is the destroyer of worlds.

  • This pillage is simply Islam at work.

    Muslims refer to the time before Islam as the period of jahiliyyah. And cultural artifacts from the period of jahiliyya should be destroyed.

    The destruction of the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan was done for the same reason. There are even calls by devout Muslims in Egypt to destroy the pyramids and Sphinx.

    Islam is a social pathology to all of humanity.

  • winniec

    ISIS wants to start Armageddon. They want to pit 1B Muslims against 6B ‘others’.
    Allah will not save them. Most of ISIS will die of illnesses.

    • Doug Kursk

      The fortunes of war are going to grind ISIS into dust for their troubles.

  • Destroyer-Drone

    The reality of it all is that deep down, the artistic bohemians of the left fully admire the islamically-certified statue smashers of ISIS. It is but another opportunity to further their own degenerate brand of art in their mind…as if the iconoclastic mudslimes will let them do such a thing to begin with.

    They would actually praise them for their “cultural initiative” if it weren’t for their graphic executions. Don’t believe me? Just look at how they venerate the lunatics of FEMEN & Pussy Riots, and you’ll understand what I mean by that.

    All these people have been let out of the mental institutions a long time ago, it’s high time we show them the way back to the rubber room.

    And by the way, if the moron who wrote this article is willing to blame Bush’s policy in Iraq (which was hardly different from standard US procedure in places like Germany, Japan, Korea, and most importantly Vietnam: as it involved smashing, rebuilding, and then leaving the country in the latter case)…then I suppose it’s absolutely fair play [and needless to say, factually correct] to blame Obama’s withdrawal and 1,400 yr old Islamic aggression for the current mess in the Mid. East.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Smashing statues is a form of performance art.

      • Destroyer-Drone

        Yeah, that’s how they see it. Well put.

  • G

    This isn’t a crime against a nation or group of nations. This is a crime against humanity. Future generations are denied elements of their past because a filthy, stinking gang of goat raping retards want to scream “Hey! Look at me! I’m too gutless to attack a real soldier but look what I can do to a statue!”

    Gary is right. The spineless canadian arts community are too concerned with their left wing politics and their B.S. multiculturalism and too terrified of being called “intolerant” to protest the destruction of artwork that has survived centuries.

  • J. C.

    Rebuild nothing! Let the savages live in their own rubble…