The Toronto burqa murder: The true story everyone who thinks the niqab is optional needs to read

(Special for by John Goddard) — When her baby got a heart transplant at Toronto’s Sick Children’s Hospital, Bano Shahdady threw away her burqa.

At twenty years old, after years of religious training, she also decided to return to public high school. With help from her son’s doctors and a social worker, she arranged to rent an apartment to leave her parents and husband.

It was there, two weeks after she moved in, that police found her strangled to death, her son left alone with the body for 15 hours, murdered by a man hiding his identity behind a burqa.

  • WalterBannon



    Deport them all.

    • Not possible.

      • winniec

        When Muslims are under 3% of the population, they mostly fit in. When they are above 10% the troubles are non-stop. When they reach 50% or more, they begin the genocides and persecutions until the ‘others’ leave, are absorbed or are exterminated.

        • They are at 5% in the GTA, that is when the 1st signs of trouble begin.

      • WalterBannon

        notwithstanding clause – its the golden ticket

  • jayme

    Look at what the left wants such things as ban the word god yet allow the nijab.

    • The left are stupid.

      • jayme

        Just look at the protest today what is one of there main issue its the bill is anti muslim.

        • The majority favour both Bill C-51 and the Niqab restriction at citizenship ceremonies. Many at the demo are the usual rent a mob I suspect, besides they would never vote conservative to begin with.

  • ontario john

    But Heather Mallick in the Star today says its a feminist issue to support having a bag over your head. I guess in the screwed up minds of leftist minds everyone has the right to be murdered.

    • winniec

      Feminists support the ‘choice’ of women being the absolute property of a man and demonstrating that bondage through complete anonymity and by surrendering their unsupervised independence of movement. Sounds like a form of enslavement to me.
      Is that with or without beatings and/or honour killings?

      • Alain

        It is indeed enslavement. In this case the slave attempted to flee to freedom for which she was brutally murdered.

    • Mallick is insane.

      • Alain

        She nauseatingly insane.

      • WalterBannon

        insane, or evil?

  • winniec

    Justin Trudeau, please comment on this honour killing!
    Is this honour killing ‘barbaric’?
    Are these your Liberal Party friends and supporters?

  • David Murrell

    From the posted article:
    “The Toronto Sun went with, “Man who wore ‘burka’ sentenced in estranged wife’s killing.” Not a single other Canadian news outlet reported the story”.

    The reason why the remaining media cartel members (CBC/CTV/Global News; the Star, the Globe and Mail) refused to cover the story is because they are sympathetic to the intolerant Islamist which led to the honour killing. This is the moral values we are up against. Our major media cartel see little wrong with murdering a woman who disowned the niqab.

    • Alain

      I suggest it is the complete lack of moral values we are up against. That naturally includes the Liberal Media Party.

  • winniec

    When does it become too expensive and too dangerous?

    • Pretty much.

    • Mickey Oberman

      How about the now rapid destruction of almost all EU countries by their welcomed Muslim immigrants.

  • P_F

    Here again another mohammedan living true to his faith.
    Yesterday, when I wrote in one of my comments that “no mohammedans could be trusted & we must stop calling them Canadians because they act like very anti-Canadian” my comments were deleted.
    That’s fine you can delete any comment and strangle the truth, but the true courage would be if you could delete the mohammedan savagery from this country.

    • PF We must be very careful here. Your comments become my publication making me legally liable.

      In short I get arrested, you don’t for publishing your comment on my site.

      • P_F

        BCF, with all due respect I do understand your situation, nonetheless I believe you would agree that this ‘entitled group’ has given us all the reasons to distrust them. It’s NOT the way they look or dress -those are cultural issues and not a reason for mistrust- but their deeds which has created foreboding among rest of the society.
        Hutterites & Amish dress differently, have created & live in their own social group almost cutoff from the main society and we may not agree with their lifestyle but nobody ever mistrusts them.

        • I agree, there is plenty cause for concern. I may have misread the comment you mention.