The Islamist Way

Mehmet Görmez (left), head of the Turkish government’s Religious Affairs Directorate, denounced Austria’s new “Islam Law” and said that Austria should instead “make an effort to remove anti-Islamic sentiments and Islamophobia.” Johann Rädler (right), speaking for the Austrian People’s Party, said the law “guarantees Muslims more rights, and on the other hand it serves to counteract undesirable developments.”

Islamists often do not hide it: They love head-count democracy in lands where they make a majority; and hate it in lands where they are in the minority. They would crush other faiths, including different sects and practices of their own faith — or no faith, for that matter — where they are in power.

In that happy set-up, the intriguing word “tolerance” is nowhere to be seen. Respect for the minority is too rare a commodity: “This is our land, we are in the majority, we rule and we rule it as we wish; and if you don’t like it, go to hell.”

Surprisingly (or maybe not), Islamists happen to become dedicated warriors of tolerance, religious freedoms, human rights and all other fancy tags when they live (in their choice of) Muslim-minority countries.

Just imagine what could happen if 1.5 million Israelis lived in the Gaza Strip bordering a militarily, economically and technologically mighty, larger, more populous Hamas-ruled Palestinian state with a Jewish minority. Tolerance and rights for the Jews? Would you want to be a Jew there?…