Scottish National Party chief Nicola Sturgeon snubs Afghan war memorial

The Queen leaves St Paul’s Cathedral with Prince Philip and the Lord Mayor of London following a service to commemorate those that fought in the Afghanistan war. Story here.

Families of Scottish soldiers reacted angrily yesterday after Nicola Sturgeon snubbed a service to honour those who gave their lives in Afghanistan.

The First Minister was sent an invitation by the Ministry of Defence to attend the service at St Paul’s Cathedral but declined it.

Instead of attending the service in London, Miss Sturgeon chose to meet council leaders in Scotland – and also found time to tweet about her kitchen.

In addition, the Scottish National Party leader did not attend a service in Edinburgh’s Canongate Kirk, which ran in parallel with the London commemoration, claiming she was not invited.

Families of the 38 Scots who died while fighting in the 13-year Afghan war criticised Miss Sturgeon, saying it was ‘an insult’ to their loved ones…

Why is this party still around? It is like Bloc Québécois: lose the referendum but keep the party. In fact, the SNP is projected to win big in the next election. WTF?