Rotherham: apparently there’s a Gypsy angle

Make it stop.

Roma gipsy immigrants are illegally marrying underage girls as young as 12 before bringing them to the UK to live.

Girls as young as 12 and 13 are regularly being married off in exchange for thousands of pounds in countries including Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary before being brought to Britain.

…The arranged marriages of girls under 16 is common in Roma communities, where families follow the Gypsy code Pachiv which encourages girls to marry soon after reaching puberty. 

The code dictates that the head of the large family group is always obeyed and in some cases large sums of money can be involved when matchmakers seek out a suitable young girl for marriage.

This isn’t particularly about Rotherham, of course. The Mail just wanted to put that in the headline.

  • Alain

    There is no equivalence whatsoever with the Muslim rape gangs. We may not like or approve of marrying girls at that age, but they are getting married to one man and will be his sole wife, not one of several. Nor are they being gang raped and treated as a piece of meat. It remains a totally different issue.

    • Frau Katze

      True, nor are they trying to take over the world. Still, it’s a nasty culture. A shame they’re spreading (plus they have large families so there’ll be more in future).

      If they weren’t so criminally inclined, one could view like the über-conservative Christians who are forced to marry kin because their groups are small they don’t take converts (Amish, Hutterites). But I understand a very large number of gypsies are in crime.

      • Alain

        I do not disagree with you. I only say it is no equivalent of Muslim rape gangs as the Mail would like us to believe, and I know you already agree on that point.

  • Canadian

    All we know for sure is that there is no muslim angle.