Muslim Sacralized Rape and Feminized Sweden

On a visit to Stockholm several years ago, a Swedish professor blandly told me the old Vikings were not as warlike as we think. He told me this flaming lie while we were gazing at an enormous burial mound of some Viking chieftain long ago, when Scandinavian Vikings raided and terrorized Europe’s coastal settlements from Scotland to the Mediterranean, reaching even to the Duchy of Muscovy. The name “Russia” (Roos, or “red”) dates back to that time, when red-haired Viking warriors rowed their raiding ships up the Moskva River, planning to kill, rape, burn houses, take slaves, and steal whatever took their fancy – unless they were met by equal force. In which case they engaged in perfectly peaceful slave trading.

My Swedish professor knew all that perfectly well, of course, but he still felt obliged to tell me the PC lie of the day.