Minneapolis mall now boasts one of state’s largest mosques

Minnesota has “Somali malls” and now at least one of those malls has a large mosque.

Construction of the metro area’s newest mosque involved a shopping trip to the Middle East, some back-and-forth with the city of Minneapolis and a reported $3 million investment.

But developer Basim Sabri says setting out to build one of Minnesota’s largest mosques at his Karmel Square mall wasn’t a vanity project. Instead, the space — part of a major expansion at Karmel — was meant as a goodwill gesture to the local Somalis who rent and shop at the south Minneapolis mall.

The expansion has tested Sabri’s famously tense relationships with the city and the mall’s neighbors, who have voiced concerns over parking and traffic issues. Part of the construction collapsed in May, cutting off electricity to the neighborhood and briefly stalling the project.

Since it opened earlier this year, the mosque has gotten rave reviews from a growing cadre of worshipers, who cover the sun-filled, 5,000-square-foot prayer hall completely when they kneel at Friday prayer.

“This mosque is not about showing off,” said Sabri. “It’s about need”…

  • I won’t be shopping there.

    • olddog

      Minn-Ta-Soak-Ya..fast becoming a NO GO ZONE…Gotta have that (D)iversity thingy..Ya Knooooow.

      • Sharkibark

        Definitely a no-go zone!

    • winniec

      Boycotting halal anything may be our only way to fight back.

  • Dana Garcia
    • winniec

      Hideous stupidity.

    • Frau Katze

      Disaster in the making. Their own country’s a wreck. Why would they do better in the US?

      • AlanUK

        Indeed. And do we really need to inport a wrecking philosophy into Western society?

  • Gaian

    Shame, nothing but shame on the owner of this mall and the people of Minneapolis. You have allowed an islamic disease to flourish in what was once a civilized place and you will suffer for it. Your miseries will surpass anything these kind of barbarians did in Ferguson.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    That’s a lot of farts in one room.

  • BillyHW

    Who the fuck thought turning Minneapolis into Mogadishu was a good idea? How many fucking Mogadishu’s does the world need, exactly?

    • Achmed

      The west needs to make up for centuries of imperialist greed colonisation and slavery which impoverished the rest of the world.

    • DMB

      Somali’s are some of the laziest & unproductive people as a collective I have ever seen and I have seen lazy people from all different backgrounds. I highly doubt that Somali’s will have much involvement in the construction of the mosque/mall. Minnesota has one of the most generous social assistance programs in the U.S. for newcomers which is why Somali’s are attracted to that State. The one’s that I have encountered here in southern Ontario by enlarge will only work for short periods of time in order to pay to acquire luxury items i.e. cell phones, brand name clothes while living in social housing.

  • Achmed

    So what’s the big deal?

    Out here in Crescent Town at Victoria Park and Danforth at least one apartment in each large building has been converted into 24 hour mosques. It has been spreading out to other parts of Toronto too though it has mostly been prevented by the fascists running Montreal.

    It always convinces the stupid kaffirs to move and we move into the whole floor and more and more of the buildings. The few stupid enough to complain find out quick enough the cops won’t do a thing or will give them a hard time for the nuisance complaints.

    Even the landlords won’t do a thing though the apartment isn’t being used as a residence and breaks all sorts of laws as long as the rent is paid. They know better just like the politicians do it is better to be on our good side.

    I hope the idea of opening up in shopping malls catches on here in Toronto. There are lots of young mall rats who could use the discipline of the Quran.

    • Clink9

      Are they the lovely rooms lit by fluorescent lights mounted on the walls is see going all night in Scarborough?