Germany prepares for Greek exit from the euro

unnamedChancellor Angela Merkel

Germany is bracing itself for a period of chaos and instability amid claims Greece will exit from the euro.

Finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble said he is resigned to the possibility of a Greek exit from the calamitous euro experiment.

In a TV interview on Thursday evening he was asked if he could envisage it and he replied: ‘Yes, because the responsibility, the ability to decide what happens, resides with the Greeks, and because we do not know what the leaders intend to do in Greece, we cannot exclude it.’

Chancellor Angela Merkel has also run out of patience with the new anti-austerity government in Athens, reports suggested.

Their comments represent a tectonic shift from the previous undiluted support Germany offered Greece – a country whose financial mismanagement is loathed by EU lawmakers.

And in recent days tensions between Berlin and Athens have spiked even further.

The new Tsipras government first threatened to seize German businesses and assets if Germany did not provide billions of pounds of compensation for damages caused during the Nazi occupation during World War II…