Finland: JNF banned from World Village Festival in Helsinki

Just these days KEPA, the organizers of the annual World Village Festival in Helsinki, decided to ban a Jewish Zionist NGO – KKL – from participating in this year’s festival. KKL or JNF was founded in 1901 in order to purchase land in the Land of Israel. The same organization is today involved in nature preservation, forestation and water management. KKL is an accredited United Nation’s NGO.

The main themes of this year’s World Village Festival are Africa and the Middle East. The existence of the Jewish state in this region probably does not fit into the organizers’ agenda. So KEPA, the organizing body of WVF funded by public Finnish money, chose to accept general unspecified allegations and accusations raised from those who deny Israel’s right to exist, and simply decided to get rid of this nuisance…

h/t Marvin