Canadian Imams In Anti-ISIS Fatwa: ISIS Was Created By Western Interests To Remove Syrian Government

On March 11, 2015, the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, a Calgary-based body headed by Imam Syed Soharwardy, issued a ‘historic fatwa’ against joining the Islamic State (ISIS). The fatwa states that ISIS is a ‘khawarij’ group,[1] and that whoever joins it or encourages others to do so in any way is committing a grave sin that excludes him from the fold of Islam.

The fatwa, signed by several dozen imams from across Canada, explains that ISIS is actually a group of ‘strangers’ that was ‘created by the funding of Western countries to overthrow the Syrian regime,’ and that it was ‘planted in Muslim countries to serve anti-Islam interests by deceiving Muslims in the name of Islam.’ It adds that ‘ISIS and other terrorists are using the policies of the United States and other Western countries in the Middle East as an excuse to control Muslim sentiments and then use them for their own political and personal gain.’