Canada silent on alleged CSIS links to man helping girls go to Syria

The Canadian embassy in Jordan, where Stephen Harper posted the former head of his security detail as ambassador, is at the centre of new allegations linking Canada to a suspect arrested by Turkish authorities and accused of helping British schoolgirls join Islamic State militants in Syria.

Mr. Harper appointed Bruno Saccomani, a former RCMP officer, instead of a career diplomat to the job of envoy to Jordan in 2013. His previous job was as head of the Prime Minister’s Protection Detail.

  • ellake

    The Turkish network, citing security sources, said the suspect contacted a
    Canadian embassy official in Jordan called “Matt.” It also reported that Turkish
    authorities believe Matt was in fact a British spy.

    The newspaper said he told police he was working for Canadian intelligence
    and hoped to win Canadian citizenship by helping Canada. He said he contacted
    Canadian intelligence agents at the Jordan embassy and told them on Feb. 21 how he’d smuggled the British girls to Syria.

    So IMHO he probably was one of the very low level CSIS informers. Presently he also is making himself more important than he was in reality . This kind of behaviour is normal for Middle Eastern people.
    I also don’t see how Canada or CSIS could have prevented these girls from going to IS as they probably got info too late to do anything about it.
    And finaly how we should get any information on people going to IS if we would not have any low level informers near the border?
    IMHO Turkish media are blowing it up out of proportion, and some of the info may be disinformation. After all Erdogan was saying that IS is a fault of the Western governments
    As for Canadian media, they are relying on the Turkish media and Turkish police and both media and police over there are very unreliable. Media are also blowing it up our of proportion because some of them are against Harper government so it is good for their propaganda against present government.


  • ntt1

    It is starting to look like there is some truth to the reports .I imagine the culprit is a low level local diversity hire who has magnified his/her importance. fire them and start looking a little closer at who is employed at the embassies

  • cmh

    I have never been able to figure out why Harper gets stars in his eyes over this thug