Why Anybody on the Right Is a ‘Heartless Bastard’

This week we are moved to ignore the news – which we have done our best to follow without throwing things at the television – take a large step back and consider a question which has been bugging us.

Why is it that left are the nice guys – the ones that care – while the right are the heartless, inconsiderate bastards?

We think we may have the answer.

It’s to do with the welfare state, see.

  • Blacksmith

    The really sad part of this for me, is that this is new information for some and even a new thought for many. The government is the problem in these cases not the solution. The problem is we have become overwhelmed by the numbers, when the ones we were helping were in our own community and our small community was most of the world to us it was easy to help out and take care of our own. Then we tried to help others farther away and pretty soon the world became big and small at the same time, we then abdicated our responsibility to others to a centralized government and that is where we dropped the ball.

  • AlanUK

    To understand the picture, go to :