The White Student’s Burden: PC racialism on campus

If you are, at any point, unsure what race or gender you are, or which way you sexually swing, go to a university debate. About anything. Doesn’t matter if you’re taking about gender relations or Gaza, sooner or later you’ll have your privilege, or lack thereof, checked for you.

Speaking on a panel in Oxford this week, as part of spiked’s ongoing Down With Campus Censorship! tour, it wasn’t long before I heard the immortal non-rebuttal: ‘Well, that’s all very well for you to say, as a white-cis-heterosexual male.’ In Edinburgh the following night, we didn’t even have to wait to go out for questions before I was reminded of both the colour of my skin and the contents of my pants by one of my white-cis-heterosexual female opponents in the course of her opening remarks. For the rest of the evening, ‘speaking as a [insert multi-hyphenate identity here]…’ was, naturally, the preface to almost every audience contribution.

Privilege-checking has become a source of mockery for students who actually retain one foot in reality.

  • simus1

    Elitist red fascists are really the highest privileged and most deferred to sexual persuasion in today’s pecking order but they ensure their vismin puppets get ample opportunity to make the most noise in the public square and on all means of communication.

  • bverwey

    Good take on what’s wrong with society today. Privileged to be white? Fouck if anything these days that’s almost a detriment. It makes me cringe the whole PC thing.

  • Clausewitz

    Guessing that the diversity crowd never tried the good old white protestant work ethic. White privilege to me is that my white ass gets the privilege to be worked off to pay for your welfare cheques. In the mean time I have to be 25% more efficient and better at my job just to be on the same level as some whiny “visible” minority.

  • jayme

    In Ottawa if your white and don’t speak french could luck getting a job but if your black and can’t speak french your chances of getting a job are far higher.

  • DMB

    Ending so called white supremacy really means is to destroy any form of white heterosexual Judeo Christian values that remain in society through Marxist indoctrination and ethnic cleansing.

  • canminuteman

    If I was debating someone and they brought up the fact that I was privileged for being normal, my response would be to say “you’re right, you win”, then walk out on them. There is no point debating these idiots because they obviously don’t have the intellectual capacity for it. Don’t waste your time.