The heartbreaking sex-ed Premier Wynne gave her own children

TORONTO, March 11, 2015 ( — As Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne touts her role as a mother to show she is qualified to update the province’s sex-ed curriculum, information has surfaced about how she left her 13-year marriage and wreaked havoc in the lives of her three young children as she took up her homosexual relationship with her current partner, Jane Rounthwaite.

In the 2007 book Reconcilable Differences: Marriages End. Families Don’t, which aims to recast what it means to be “family” after a failed marriage, author Cate Cochran unwittingly reveals alarming details of just how dysfunctional Wynne’s family became in her “New Age” quest for “sexual energy.”

  • The Goat

    Well I for one am glad that dear leadress is totally and completely not a child abuser. No no no.

    • What a twisted old Perv, I mean look at her friends!

      • ontario john

        But Heather Mallick thinks she is great.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Mallick is one of Satan’s minions. She leaves a sulpherish odour in her wake.

  • ontario john

    But the United Church Observer had a major story on how wonderful she is. How can they be wrong?

    • Justin St.Denis

      The United Church of Canada – the church for busy Canadians who don’t have the time to worry about all that soul stuff.

  • Yo’ Mama

    Talk about a f**ked up family and now to be in charge of the Province of Ontario and be behind the new sex education curriculum. The most disgusting thing is the active part Canadian media has playing in covering up this history.

    Son, Christopher who prefers to go by Chris Copperwaithe is probably the most screwed up as his old Chris In Palestine blog would have confirmed. He is a gay, “born-again” anti-Israel activist who created a business called Groundforce Digital that creates websites and organises people even though he has no web design training. With the help of his web experts he has wiped out any direct evidence of his online anti-jewish tirades.

    Word has it that thanks to mommy dearest putting the screws to various riding associations and businesses, Chris’ Groundforce Digital has been raking in big bucks, for well designed but exorbitantly priced websites.

    • Observer

      I am sure Wynne and her OISE cronies are behind this new curriculum guide on how to rear children.

      • Clausewitz

        That should be, “Rear” your children. Not the action that most people think it means.

  • Martin B

    It’s good to know that our Glorious Leader Kim Dong Wynne has done to her family what she’s doing to our province.

    I love this part – “When Cowperthwaite met another woman named Sue and brought her into the family to be with the children, Wynne immediately felt threatened. She feared her husband and his new lover would take the children” So when Kim Dong brings a bull dyke home and tells the father of her children to move into the basement, everything is supposed to be cool. When hubby has the nerve to bring another woman onto the household, it’s the end of the world. How dare he!

    • mauser 98

      yup,,runs government same way…” how dare you question me”
      what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine

  • Dana Garcia

    Drag queens creep me out. I don’t know why many women don’t seem to mind them, but their portrayal of women is insulting.

    Hey, drag creeps, leave women alone.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Well, most GAY drag acts are insulting. But I have seen entertainments featuring transvestites that were far from insulting and actually served as tributes to womanhood. My wife and I saw a “Peggy Lee impersonator” who was SO EFFIN GOOD that if you closed your eyes you could convince yourself that Miss Peggy was still with us. I have no idea whether the performer was an actual homosexual. Just a “for example”.

      On the topic of Kathleen Wynne – I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than look at that fucked-up hag.

  • cmh

    I just wanted to comment that I am pleased this front editorial did not use the word ‘gay’ in reference to homosexual activity. Homosexuality is not gay and should no longer be kept hidden behind such a misrepresentation. Practicing homosexuals wanted to come out of the closet and be part of society so why would they want to continue to hide behind the huge misrepresentation created by the incorrect use of the word gay?

    • pturton


      • Justin St.Denis

        That was rather tired when I first heard it back in the mid-1990s. Do many people over 15 still get a laugh out of it?

  • Al_the_Fish

    I just finished reading the article and the only thing I can say is Wynne is selfish and sick as f**k. Her selfishness kept her children from having a stable upbringing, and now she wants to inflict her believes over all the children of Ontario, how the heck is she still in office?

  • Edubeat

    (News Item Pic): Aunt Katy conceives new transition team to oversee implementation of new sexed curriculum. Uncle Benny Levin (third from Left) appointed group leader.

  • Gary

    Wynne either lied to her Husband to be a heterosexual, or she now joins Libby Davies and Svend Robinson that TURNED gay for Politcal reasons and it’s not how she was born .
    No big shock that a socilpath that lied for 13 years would feel right at home in the Liberal Party and agree to aid and abet ion the Gas plant fraud.

  • DMB

    The son of Kathleen Wynne in his own words on how his mother leaving his father to be with her lesbian lover Jane and how it influenced him on being gay.

    • mauser 98

      apple near tree and all that
      forwarded to many

    • Justin St.Denis

      Not a very eloquent speaker. I have to wonder why he’d agree to be interviewed. That was painful.

  • She ruined her own family.

    Misery loves company.