Tempers flare at meeting about Liberals’ new curriculum

The people who were outside on the front lawn were not homophobic.

Nor were the ones inside Agincourt Collegiate.

But man were they angry.

And Premier Kathleen Wynne, who said a similar protest on the lawn of Queen’s Park was “homophobic,” will not be able to dismiss what happened in Scarborough on this Thursday night in March.

These were parents, taxpayers and voters who had something to say. They may not have gotten to say it in the meeting, but they still accomplished what they came out to do.

  • The Goat

    All the people in that photo voted for Dalton Mcguinty and Kathleen Wynne.

  • Progressive Liberal

    But Gender Fluidity is science proven by the experts at the Ontario Institute for the Study of Education. Forget about those archaic beliefs that it is nature that determines gender.

    It is child abuse for a parent not to allow children of any age to experiment with sexuality as they wish.

    Children of any age need to adopt the gender they feel they are at the time or that assigned to them by the Wynne government with no interference from ignorant parents.

  • Mark van der Wal

    I find Wynne’s forcing of her biased sex ed upon a multicultural society as very discrimnatory and is an examble of liberal cultural superiority bias and as such has no part in a province with hundred of ethnic groups .Wynne refuses to acknowledge difference a real sign of a bigot,please if you are a liberal start liking your minority countryman he or she may be christian or muslim from different parts of the world dont push your smug cultural superiority on others listen to the thousands of years of parental wisdom.please