South Yorkshire Police accused of covering up widespread sexual abuse in Sheffield on a scale ‘bigger than Rotherham’

South Yorkshire Police has been accused of ignoring hundreds of reports of sexual abuse against young girls in a widespread cover-up deemed ‘bigger than Rotherham’.

Tony Brookes, a former police constable with 30 years’ service, claims the force knew that girls as young as 12-years-old were being raped and assaulted but chose to ignore it.

It is understood that more than 200 girls were reported to the force as being potential victims of sexual exploitation in Sheffield, mainly between 2007 and 2010.

Mr Brookes, who has now left the force, said he believes the ‘size of the exploitation was massive in Sheffield’, adding: ‘I think bigger than in Rotherham’.

  • David Murrell

    Until the British authorities can get together sufficiently to start prosecuting the police and senior authorities (say in Sheffield), this moral depravity will continue. “Looking the other way”, as the corrupt Sheffield and Rotherham officials did, is in itself criminal activity. True, these police forces — as did much of the social service agencies involved — did these criminal acts because of ultra-politically-correct motives (i.e. kowtowing to Pakistani Muslim dictates). But breaking the law, in allowing mass sexual assaults to continue unabated, needs jail time.

  • winniec

    Muslim males love to act like Mohammed whom they admire. Mohammed’s favourite sex slave was a Christian woman named Maria, so naturally they all want a Christian sex slave or many. Pakistan has the greatest pornographic culture in the world. It is to be expected that males from Pakistan will bring their misogynistic culture with them and that they are therefore risky immigrants in the matter of sex crimes and abuse of children and animals.

  • BillyHW

    The Central African Republic solution is the only solution.

  • You can be sure we still are not seeing the entirety of this pathetic failure of those in charge.

  • Blacksmith

    This will be swept under the carpet again by leftist, and abetted by lofo citizens more interested in the next big star on the telly.

  • Gary

    Can the OPP and Toronto Police be any farther behind sine Wynne approved a homophobic child-bride friendly Mosque in valley Park PUBLIC school.

    In 2013 , a new Federal Law made the PRIDE frontal nudity by the TNT males a crime . Wynne has spit on that Law and refuses to enforce it as if the quasi-pedophilia child-abuse in public is part of the gay culture.
    This makes sense for why I read that Chief Blair is looking to run for the Liberals. But how sad that little girls used to run to the Police to be protected from people like Ben Levin , or the perv’s in PRIDE exposing them selves around children , but now the Police work Security duty protecting the quasi-pedophiles during PRIDE because their Loyalty to their huge pay check is greater to their Loyalty to canada and its Laws that protect children .

    Note in the photo how the Police are standing by on Yonge Street as naked males freely break the new 2103 Federal Law.
    Shame on the Sponsors for PRIDE that endorse this child-abuse .

  • Exile1981

    Why are not the people of the UK not in the streets over this? It is their daughters and sisters who are being targeted and yet they sit around and complain about the the “cause” but never do anything about it.