Silhan Ozcelik: ‘Disgusting’ trial for young woman who tried to fight against Isis

A teenager has appeared in court after allegedly trying to join Kurdish fighters battling Isis in Syria, in the first prosecution of its kind in Britain.

Campaigners condemned the prosecution of Silhan Ozcelik, 18, from London, as “disgraceful and disgusting”, however. Ms Ozcelik’s appearance at Westminster Magistrates’ Court followed her arrested at Stansted Airport in January after returning to Britain on a flight from Germany.

The teenager is accused of travelling to Brussels in October last year in a bid to join the guerrilla army in the Kurdistan Workers’ Party – known as the PKK. The organisation is on the Government’s list of banned terror groups.

  • David

    “the first prosecution of its kind in Britain.”

    thousands of children raped, grandmothers and soldiers beheaded, and death cultists returning to britainistan after slaughtering countless christians abroad and this is what the limeys get up to.

  • Haven’t they said that if those three chav sharmutas come back from their little death-cult adventure they won’t be charged?

    What a disgrace Britain is.

    • Frau Katze

      Decline and fall.