Shutdown of Anti-Jihadist Network Sun News a Big Loss for Canada and the World

Canada’s conservative Sun News Network went dark last month after a four-year run, the victim of a hate campaign by the Canadian and American left which mocked the network as “Fox News north.”

The left despised Sun News for many reasons. It was proudly anti-PC and contrarian. The network was pro-Israel, pro-oil, supported fracking, and questioned global warming. It also was pro-gun rights, pro-life and ran many stories about the persecution of Christians. Sun News reveled in running videos of communist protesters at Canadian May Day demonstrations and far-left environmentalists protesting oil pipelines. Its criticism of the Obama administration was harsh, but more intellectual than many conservative American journalists.

  • However, I hear that Sun News could soon be back (and, like Obi Wan, even more powerful than before?):

  • Gary

    One of the traits for Abusers , or those that are sociopaths that can lie or inflict harm while being void of any guilt , is the way they are quick to anger and will demonize anyone that threatens their version of reality.
    Just take a look at Wynne , Hillary , and Omaba that lust for power and once they have it they will attack others to keep it and totally ignore Reality when challenged by FACTS.
    Wynne just stooped to the predictable response to her homoerotica Sex-ed – partially designed by a now Convicted pedophile with ties to kiddie porn – which many people oppose as fuelled by Homophobia .
    Obama attacks many oppositions to his perception of reality for a Utopic Socialism as Haters and he brushes them off as fools while his followers protect him by the Race-Card even when he has inflicted more harm on to the same people he believes he is helping.
    Hillary gets angry when she it trapped in a lie and then revises Historical facts about her to suit her narrative and absolve her of blame which adds to the Mental Disorder by her types because they feel NO guilt for their lies and harm to others ( in her case now the Murdered Stevens in Libya by muslims as a homosexual ) while she stoops to playing the victim of Misogyny via the War On Women .

    The SNN only exposed the truth about the Filtered news by the CBC and MSM party that chose to run what was safe and popular.
    You only need to read some of the hate being spewed by those that don’t like hearing the truth . These types show up in the Comments section or the SNN employees facebook sites to bash them when they should just ignore it.
    Often the abusers won’t debate the facts in a news report , plus make the story about their feelings and opine on how offended they are which follows with slurs about racism or they take a prefix and add Phobic to silence any further reports .

    Doc Brown was very smart in 1955 to see Marty’s JVC shoulder video Cam
    as a Mini TV studio and that Reagan was the Pres in 1985 because Leaders had to look good and be great Actors .

    Obama, Hillary and Wynne must have acting coaches that teach them the body language and animations as they speak along with how to caters to the low-information Voters.